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Jane Addams

Research Project by Shashank Rajkumar

Shashank Rajkumar

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Jane Addams

Who was She? Born with Back Problem Father was associate of Abraham Lincoln Social Reformist during Industrial
Revolution First American woman to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize Yale awarded her first honarary degree First woman president of
National Conference of Charities and Corrections What were Her Major Achievements? How did she contribute to the Industrial Revolution? Founded Hull-House Fought for women and children rights Wanted women to have more social rights Tried to close gap between Have's and Have Not's Made people apply democracy in social reform, not just government Brought social reform into the 20th century When Did Her Major Contributions Take Place? 1889- Dedicated herself to social reform 1889- Founded Hull House 1911-1935- Founder of National Federation of Settlements 1915- Co organizer of Women's Peace Party Major Activities really started from 1889 and went on throughout her lifetime Where Did the Major Events in Her Career Take Place? Hull House founded in Chicago Toynbee Hall, London- Settlement House Why Did She Commit Herself to Social Reform? Born into religious family Religious doubt Didn't pray for 3 months, but didn't feel bad Nervous Depression Didn't want to marry, thought regular women led "unnourished" lives Decided religious doubt could be overcome by solving society's problems Jane Addams Research Project by Shashank Rajkumar THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
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