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Cry the beloved country laura de castro 11aib

No description

laura de castro

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Cry the beloved country laura de castro 11aib

Alan Paton Chapter 1-5 Cry the beloved country, is a novel about a black priest named Stephen Kumalo who lives under the poverty of his people, hoping for a better future, one day receives a letter from Johannesburg, a priest named Msinmangu, where his sister was ill, prostituting and selling alcohol, which at home have seen many problems and I have been to prison, a place unfit for a child, and that his brother was a great politician but was unrelated to the iglesia.Entonces he decides to travel to Johannesburg , A place to catch up the streets is dangerous, looking to find a bus to Sophiatown helps a young man, that ultimately ends up stealing, Sophiatown was waiting in the parent who gave him a room to sleep. PLOT CHARACHTERS STEPHEN KUMALO humble, and gentle man with a strong moral sense and an abiding faith in God. THEOPHILUS MSIMANGU He helps Kumalo understand the people and places that they encounter, and is unfailingly sympathetic to Kumalo, making Kumalo’s quest his top priority. JOHN KUMALO
Stephen Kumalo’s brother,went to Johannesburg in search of a better life and become a important political GERTRUDE KUMALO Stephen Kumalo’s sister and the original reason for his trip to Johannesburg,becomes a prostitute and selling alcohol ABSALOM KUMALO Kumalo's son, who goes in search of his aunt and never returns SETTING
-In Ixopo(Ndotsheni),
Johannesburg QUOTES " Deep down the fear of a man who lives in a world not made for him, where own world is slepping away, dyien, benig destroyed, beyond any recall". "He stood a moment in the room. Forty-eight hours ago he and his wife had been packing his bag in far away Ndotsheni. Twenty-four hours ago the train, with the cage on its head, had been thundering through an unseen country. And now outside, the stir and movement of people, but behind them, through them, one could hear the roar of a great city. Johannesburg.
Who could believe it?" AUTHOR Alan Paton
(1903 -1988) was a South African author and anti-apartheid activist.

THESIS STATEMENTS Cry, the beloved country is a book that represent the reality of the different culture,
the people who live in tge big city (johannesburg), and the other who live in the town
(Ndotsheni), how that affect the people and his behavior. Anecdote-scenario,
"courage theme",
for the courage that Kumalo had to go for his family in an unknow world
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