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TES Australia

TES Australia captured in a Prezi

Rob Barton

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of TES Australia

individually crafted teaching resources
Largest network of teachers in the world
Largest online single profession network
100-year heritage at the centre of education
Developed by teachers, for teachers
Helps to guide, inform and inspire educators around the world.

We exist to drive up standards
of education by putting the right teachers in the right jobs and giving them the tools to be the very best that they can be.

Louise Rogers, CEO,
TES Connect
TES Australia
founding partners

over 275

8 TES resources downloaded a second

million registered online members
3.6 million resources downloaded weekly
individually crafted teaching resources

TES Australia is part of TES Connect, the largest network of teachers in the world.
Inspired by the 100,000 teaching professionals
Fully tailored to the Australian curriculum
Free to join and use


How we support teachers


Over 500,000
teaching resources

Dedicated resources
to support the
Australian curriculum

Job listing

• Our standard online advert
• Simple and effective
• Features jobs by state

Featured Job
• Maximum exposure
• Only 6 featured jobs appear

Featured Employer
• 2 featured employers appear
• Provides an insight into your school
• Encourages the best-fit candidates

Safe, secure social network
for teachers

Forums, groups and blogs

Topics include: Subject specific,
outside school, career, topical,
whole school and location
"TES Australia is a user-friendly site for teachers with lots of useful resources. It is a great site as it allows teachers to share and collaborate with other colleagues."

Arvind Singh
"Working within special education it is very difficult to find appropriate and relevant resources, and the wonderful thing about TES Australia is that there are loads of amazing resources for our students."

Penelope Earp
"This website will
assist teachers in implementing the Australian Curriculum for many years to come."

Scot MacCrum
“TES has proven an invaluable source for my teaching and I use it as a first port of call when preparing a new topic."

Leanne Grams
What our
teachers say...

"TES Australia could
not come at a more appropriate time than now with the introduction of the new
Australia Curriculum."

Ellen Barr
• Number one education recruitment

of positions advertised with
TES are filled first time round

• On average,
9 out of 10
advertisements with TES result in
an appointment

of advertisers would use TES again

Advertising track record in the UK
Our vision
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