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Stroke Prezi

Janet Gonzalez

on 7 August 2012

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Transcript of Stroke

Stroke Definition Definition Damage to the brain because of diminished blood supply, and that causes the brain to stop working properly Types of Stroke Ischemic: an artery is blocked and the blood supply to the brain is blocked.
Hemorrhage: a blood vessel in the brain is torn and the cells around it become damaged Causes high cholesterol
obesity Genetics
Lifestyle Signs and Symptoms aneurism
lose consciousness because of the severe headache
Sudden weakness
numbness or paralysis of the face arm or leg
loss of speech or trouble talking or understanding language
sudden loss of vision
particularly in only one eye
sudden, severe headache with no apparent cause
unexplained dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

By:Janet gonzalez Effects Paralysis
Language problems
Emotional liability
Coma Diagnosis physical examination
CT scans
MRI’s and MRA’s Treatment anticoagulants, anticoagulants
antiplatelet drugs Drugs Change in lifestyle
Therapy Outcomes Emotional
Loss of perception
Language problems
Being unable to think clearly
Bowel Problems Prevention Lifestyle change
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