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Macbeth Act 3 Scene 5

No description

Zchelani Mulcare

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth Act 3 Scene 5

So What does this mean??? Eventually... Hecate does take over and have the lead in the affair and she commands them to all meet in the morning, when Macbeth will come to know his destiny. She will create more illusions to add to his confusion, and instill in him a false hope that he might keep the crown. Basically..... This is a transitioning scene, starring the three witches and their leader Hecate. The three witches meet in a open place this time with Hecate, the goddess of
witches. Hecate goes into a rhyming speech that sounds a bit like a nursery rhyme. Repeating Themes and Imagery Hecate, the classical goddess, who represents the spirit of ancient witchcraft,
She is a strong female spirit, whose forceful instructions to the Witches reflect the language of Lady Macbeth to her husband.
Hecate wants power and also wants to keep the power she already has. This is just like Lady Macbeth and how she wants Macbeth to be king, so she can have power.

Although this scene seems unnecessary the scene makes you wonder Is Macbeth entirely the blame for his downfall? In Hecate's opinion, he is. She tells the Witches that Macbeth "loves for his own ends"
Hecate tells the witches that Macbeth thinks he is greater than fate and that will be his destruction. Macbeth
Act 3 scene 5 Interpretation by, Zchelani Mulcare
MiAsia Bartley
Christina Rigsbee
Daric Gatlin Hecate She's angry at them for getting involved with Macbeth and his affairs.Hecate believes she could’ve done a better job , she always say that Macbeth isn’t committed to the witches and he is only thinking about his own benefits from the situation. Importnant Quotes “He will be fooled into thinking he is greater than fate, he will mock death, and he will think he is above wisdom, grace, and fear. As you all know, overconfidence is man’s greatest enemy.” This means that his pride and all his choices will be his destruction. it is also saying that when you feel safe and to trustworthy that will lead leave you with nothing. Still Not Understanding? Hecate is pretty much like " Since you didnt mind your own business and leave Macbeth alone, and you cant undo a spell...Looks like I will have to keep making his life miserable!
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