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Tuck Everlasting

No description

Xander adamiak

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Tuck Everlasting

" He was remarkably tall and narrow, this stranger standing there. His long chin faded off into a thin apologetic beard, but his suit was a jaunty yellow that seemed to glow a little in the fading light. A black hat dangled from one hand." Page 17, Paragraph 2
Mae: Is a great potato of a women with a round sensible face and with calm brown eyes, and also has three petticoats, a rusty brown skirt with one enormous pocket, an old cotton jacket to go with a knitted shawl (in which she pinned with a meddle broach, gray brown hair, and wound it into a bun at the back of the/her head.
Winifred Foster
Winnie Foster wears boots with a tall pear of stockings, and she is also 10 years of age and died at 78 years of age.
Main Conflict
One of the conflicts that happens in the book the Man in the Yellow Suit vs The Tucks. This conflict starts with the tucks taking Winnie Foster. He follows them to there house, then he told the Fosters," I will find & return Winnie for the woods." Next he goes to the Tucks house and tells them that he owns the woods and he needs to take Winnie. This conflict ends with Mae Tuck using the butt of a shotgun and killing the man in the yellow suit.
By: Zander Adamiak, Madison Bovill, Amanda Drew, Carter Lanoue
Tuck Everlasting

Book By: Natalie Babbitt
Jesse Tuck
" He was a thin and sunburned , this wonderful boy with a thick mop of curly brown hair, and he wore his battered trousers and loose, grubby shirt with as much self- assurance as if they were silk and satin. A pair of green suspenders,more decorative than useful, gave the finishing touch, for he was shoeless and there was a twig idly as he sat there, his face turned up to the gaze at the branches far above him"Pages 25 and 26, Paragraph 4 and 1.
Man in the yellow suit
Tuck has small specks of gray hair, and a smoothed like slacked face.

For this book Tuck Everlasting, there are two rising action parts that tells what the problem is. the first rising action part of the story is when Winnie Foster meets Jesse Tuck, that is part of a rising action because this is when the first problem really starts to come together, Winnie Foster meets Jesse Tuck in the woods by a water spring, after ward the Tucks (Jesse Tucks family) ''kidnaps'' Winnie Foster and takes her to their house to live at.
Second part of rising action

The second part of rising action is when the man in the yellow suit tried to take Winnie Foster back to her house, this is another part of rising action because Mae Tuck tries to ''protect'' Winnie Foster from the man in the yellow suit, as a result to this Mae Tuck takes a gun and hits the man in the yellow suit in the back of the head, by doing this the man in the yellow suit is killed by Mae Tuck and Mae Tuck is thrown in jail. in the passing time the Winnie, Jesse, and Miles make a plan to ''bust'' Mae out.
Falling action
Life after the book was different. The main street hadn't changed very much, but there were many other streets now, crossing the main street. The road itself was blacktopped. There was a white line painted down the center. There was a gas station now, a hot dog stand, a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, a five-and-ten, and a tall, white frame building with a pleasant verandah. There was a new jailhouse as well. Mae and Tuck went to the diner when they were in town. While they where there they realized they hadn't been there in a while.Mae and Tuck visited the cemetery, they said that one of the stones read:
In Loving Memory
Winifred Foster Jackson
Dear Wife
Dear Mother
Rising Action
The climax is when The Man In The Yellow Suit was taking Winnie away from The Tucks and then Mae hit in the back of the head with a shotgun and killed him
Places in the Book!
the wood (Paragraph 2 page24)
tree gap (Paragraph 1 page 5)
cottage (Paragraph 1 page 22)
jail house (Paragraph 1 page 124)
Tucks house (Page 35-37)
Fosters house (page 13)
dinner (page 136)
village (134-135)
time period 1881
Amanda's Book recommendation

Madison's Recommendation

Zander's book recommendation
Carter's Book Recommendation
I think anyone who is interested in adventures would like this book because the main character Winnine has a lot of adventures during the book. One adventure that happens to Winnine is when she was thinking about runing away from home in her family, The Fosters' woods and she gets taken away by a family. Read this book to find out hat happens to Winnie.
For my book recommendatio
For my book recommendation, this book would/ls a good book to read because it is not so predictable, all of the information was not very expected. like when Winnie got ''kidnapped'' by the Tucks, you did not think that they would be nice to her, you would predict that they would treat her ''horrible'', but no, they treated Winnie as if she was their daughter. This is a good book recommendation to all who would want to read because it will incourage any person who loves to read fiction stories.
I recommend this book to someone who likes fiction books. It is a book with many surprises when it comes to the Tucks. Also I really liked how all of the family was a big part of the story. Finally, I think that you would really like this book because it was as if a new family because they took Winnie in as part of a family.
I would recommend this book to any fiction reader because this is a ficti0n
book. I really liked this book because i like this genre and that it has many surprises in it.
the reason why I would recommend this book is
because this book is full of questions every time that you read a chapter. this book was full of shocking surprises that you did not think to expect, for example, when the tucks took Winnie Foster and
THe resolution is when the tucks find winnies tombstone and find out that she died. later they saw a toad that almost got ran over by a car and the tucks picked the toad up and said,"this thing must think it will live forever."
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