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American Revolutionary War

Wars between 1776-1777

AIG Student

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of American Revolutionary War

Created By: Marianne Warner American Revolutionary War Daniel Morgan and more than 400 other men were captured in the attempt of attacking Quebec City during the Battle of Quebec. January 1, 1776
Daniel Morgan taken prisoner in Quebec City January 15, 1776
Paine's Common Sense published The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge began on February 27,1776.The battle happened near Wilmington, North Carolina.At the end of the battle the patriots won against the loyalists. February 27, 1776
The patriots "drive" the loyalist from Moore's Creek Bridge, NC New Providence Island is in the Bahamas.The Battle of Nassau took place in the Bahamas.One of the islands used for the battle was New Providence Island.The Battle of Nassau began on March 3, 1776. March 3, 1776
The Continental fleet captures New Providence Island in the Bahamas Thomas Paine's Common Sense was published in 1776. Common Sense was the first piece of work to openly ask for some independence from Great Britain. The Siege of Boston began on April 19, 1775 and ended on March 17, 1776.The Siege of Boston happened in Boston and in areas that surround the town of Boston. March 17, 1776
The British evacuate Boston; the British Navy moves to Halifax, Canada The Invasion of Canada began in June of 1775 and the Invasion of Canada ended in October 1776.Quebec is in the country of Canada. June 8, 1776
The patriots fail to take Three Rivers, Quebec June 12, 1776
The Virginia Declaration of Rights The Virginia Declaration of Rights was created in May of 1776.The purpose of the Virginia Declaration of Rights was to declare the inherent rights of all Virginians. June 28, 1776
Sullivan's Island, SC, failed British naval attack The Battle of Sullivan's Island began on June 28, 1776.The Battle of Sullivan's Island is also known as the Battle of Fort Sullivan.The location of this battle was near Charleston, South Carolina.Fort Sullivan was renamed "Fort Moultrie",a little after the battle to honor Mr.Colonel William Moultrie for his successful defense of Fort Sullivan and the city of Charleston during the Battle of Sullivan's Island. June 29,1776
The first Virginia Constitution The first Virginia Constitution's preparation began in the early year of 1776.It happened in the middle of the earliest events of the American Revolutionary War. June 28,1776
Patriots decisively defeat the British Navy at Fort Moultrie , South Carolina Fort Moultrie was used during the Battle of Sullivan's Island.The fort was created in 1776. July 1, 1776
At the instigation of British agents, the Cherokee attack along the entire southern frontier The Cherokee are a Native American tribe who mainly settled in the Southeastern United States. July 1-4 1776
Congress debates and revises the Declaration of Independence and Congress apopts the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was originally created in June or July of 1776.Three people who signed the Declaration of Independence were Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. July 8, 1776
The Declaration of Independence is read publicly The Battle of Lindley's Fort began on July 15,1776 and the battle only lasted one day.The battle took place in Laurens,South Carolina.At the end of the battle the Patriots had victory. July 15,1776
Lindley's Fort,SC Patriots fend off attack by Indians and Tories dressed as Indians August 1,1776
Ambushed by Cherokees,Patriot are saved by a mounted charge at Seneca, SC The Patriots got surprisingly attacked by the Cherokee Indians on August 1,1776 in Seneca,SC.The Patriots got saved by a mounted charge in Seneca , SC. On August 2 of the year 1776, the delegates or a person who is sent to represent or authorized to represent others, began to actually sign The Declaration of Independence. August 2,1776
Delegates begin to sign The Declaration of Independence On August 10,1776 Andrew Pickens , a leader in the American Revolution, won a victory against the some Cherokee Indians, near the Tugaloo River, in South Carolina. August 10,1776
Tugaloo River,SC, Andrew Pickens defeats Cherokees When Andrew Pickens was surrounded by 185 Cherokee Indians and they were forming a ring shape around him, the ring shape thay were making is known as the"Ring Fight". August 12,1776
Andrew Pickens' detachment surrounded by 185 Cherokee Indians, forms a ring and fires outward. Col. Williamson and Andrew Pickens won a victory against some Cherokee Indians on August 12, 1776. They also, set fire to an Indian town, Tamassy. August 12,1776
Col.Williamson and Andrew Pickens defeat Cherokee Indians and burn Tamassy, an Indian Town On August 27,1776 , some British redcoats defeated George Washington's army in the Battle of Long Island. His army escaped the redcoats at night. August 27,1776
Redcoats defeat the George Washington's army in the Battle of Long Island.
Washington's army escapes at night. The British occupied New York City on September 15,1776. They occupied New York City on Evacuation Day in New York. September 15,1776
The British occupy New York City The Battle of Harlem Heights took place on September 16,1776. The battle happened in Morningside and Manhattan, New York. At the end of the Battle of Harlem Heights, the American side got the victory. September 16,1776
Generals George Washington, Nathanel Greene, and Israel Putnam triumphantly hold their ground at the Battle of Harlem Heights Manhattan Some Cherokee Indians attacked Col.Williamson's patriots at Coweecho River, NC on September 19, 1776. September 19, 1776
Col.Williamson's patriots attacked by Cherokee Indians at Coweecho River, NC Coweecho River October 11,1776
Benedict Arnold defeated at the Battle of Valcour Island(Lake Champlain), but delayed British advance Daniel Morgan Thomas Paine Common Sense Moore's Creek Bridge New Providence Island The Siege of Boston Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada The Virginia Declaration of Rights Battle of Sullivan's Island The first Virginia Constitution Fort Moultrie British Soldiers and Cherokee Indians Signing of Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence Document Battle of Lindley's Fort Plaque Seneca, SC Declaration of Independence Tugaloo River Andrew Pickens Andrew Pickens An Indian Village George Washington Evacuation Day in New York Benedict Arnold was defeated at the Battle of Valcour Island, Lake Champlain, but Arnold made the British troops, soldiers, late for getting to Valcour Island. Benedict Arnold Valcour Island October 28,1776
The Americans retreat from White Plains,New York. British casualties(~300) higher than American(~200) On October 28,1776, the Americans retreated from White Plains, a city in New York. The British at that time had 300 people killed or wounded and the Americans had 200 people killed or wounded. The Americans retreat from White Plains, New York November 16,1776
The Hessians capture Fort Washington, NY The capture of Fort Washington by the Hessians happened during the Battle of Fort Washington.The British won the battle at the end of it. Fort Washington in New York Fort Lee was a fort used in the Battle of Washington Fort. Fort Lee is located in Varginia. November 20,1776
Lord Cornwallis captures Fort Lee from Nathanael Greene Fort Lee, Virginia Trenton is a city in which is in New Jersey and was the city used for the Battle of Trenton. The Battle of Trenton to place on December 26,1776, during the American Revolutionary War. It started when General George Washington crossed the Delaware River, north of Trenton, New Jersey. December 26, 1776
Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton from Hessians General George Washington crossing the Delaware River THE END
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