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The Castle In The Attic

No description

Maggie Rosier

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Castle In The Attic

The Castle In The Attic Summary A boy named William was feeling down because his housekeeper, Mrs. Phillips, was moving out of his house. Mrs. Phillips gave William a castle that she had when she was a little girl. She told him it had magical powers. A knight named Sir Simon came to life and was telling William about an evil wizard named Alastor. Mrs. Phillips was about to leave for good, so William shrank her with a magic stone Sir Simon gave him so she could fit in the castle. William soon felt bad so he shrunk himself. William and the others went to find Alastor. William destroyed Alastor with strength. When they all came back William wished Mrs. Phillips a far well. Mrs. Phillips left and William had to take care of himself. Main Characters William, Mrs. Phillips, and Sir Simon Main Idea The main idea of the story is you should not give up on yourself. You should take responsibility for yourself and have good self esteem. Because when you do you become braver and more courageous. A Different Ending A different ending good for this book is that Mrs. Phillips still moves but stays close so William can visit. By :
Elizabeth Winthrop What I Liked What I liked about this book is that it has a happy ending and is very interesting. What I Didn't Like I didn't like that Mrs Phillips had to go. About the Author The author is a great writer. Elizabeth had made more than 20 books. Elizabeth went to many collages by the country to help her writing .
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