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PA Standards Aligned System

A presentation introducing PDE SAS to teachers.

Dianne Krause

on 8 October 2010

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Transcript of PA Standards Aligned System

PDE Standards Aligned System SAS What is SAS? http://pdesas.org The Six Elements of SAS SAS Teacher Tools Used before, during, and after instruction
Used to inform teaching and learn about student achievement
Summative, formative, benchmark and diagnostic
Assessment creator

Specifies what is to be taught for each subject in the curriculum
Focuses on Big Ideas, Concepts, Competencies & Essential Questions Aligned Instruction includes:
Teaching topics that are aligned with the standards.
Ensuring the right level of challenge.
Focusing teaching based on the learning needs of each student.
Implementing instructional strategies to increase student achievement.

http://www.pdesas.org/Standard/Views http://www.pdesas.org/Assessment/About http://www.pdesas.org/module/sas/curriculumframework/ http://www.pdesas.org/Main/Instruction http://www.pdesas.org/module/content/search/ Assistive standards-based supports for varying student needs
Supports and safety nets for all students
Subject-specific resources

http://www.pdesas.org/Main/Interventions http://www.pdesas.org/module/edfx/ What students should be able to know and do
Increase in complexity as students progress through school
Standards, Assessment Anchors & Eligible Content Voluntary Model Curriculum
Catalog of resources: units, lesson plans, activities, assessments - all tied to standards
How will SAS help me? Standards, anchors,
and resources
all in one place Assessment builder aides
in the creation of
standards-based assessments Units, Lesson Plans, Instructional Content,
Assessments, Web Resources - all tied to standards and anchors
At-your-fingertip intervention strategies
to help every student succeed Teacher tools to help you collect and share resources What are you waiting for?
Check SAS out today! Instructional strategy videos for almost every subject and grade level The Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System (SAS)
is a collaborative product of research and good practice that identifies six distinct elements which, if utilized together, will provide schools and districts a common framework for continuous school and district enhancement and improvement.
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