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Types of Writing

No description

Ms. Ettefagh

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Types of Writing

Types of Writing
What is it?
Writing that...

structure and style
It "exposes" all details of a topic
News report
How to use it
In the past three years, singer/actress Miley Cyrus underwent a monumental transformation for many reasons. First, Miley emerged early in the year with a radically new, short haircut. Furthermore, she debuted this new image, tongue sticking out "provocatively" (TMZ), with the release of her latest album. This move exposes a markedly suggestive look at modern teen trends. This transformation and exploration included, but was not limited to, a practice in the "aggressive dance style of twerking" (TMZ). Miley has faced a great deal of scrutiny from the public, despite record-high sales of her album and continued adoration from many young fans.
Forms a picture in the mind- imagery
All about close attention to detail
Precise language
Involves the senses
Can paint a picture through these senses
This adds to a story's tone and mood
Creates a feeling
Use as much detail as possible
Bag of Bones

What is it?
Not the same thing as descriptive!
Can involve description, but description doesn't have to involve narrative
Tells a story- sequence of events
All about
, too!
Like descriptive, but describes a sequence of events
Think of the word NARRATION
We have a narrator who tells us what is happening
As if you had a voice over of your life
Convince me.
Where/when/how have you used persuasive writing?
An appeal- involves perspective, but also requires logic and reasoning
Theses, too
Trying to convince someone of something
rhetorical devices
Would you rather...
Have the neck of a giraffe or the feet of an elephant?
Have a peg leg or a hook for a hand?
Have candles or hot dogs for fingers? (Hot dogs do not replenish)
Have corn kernels for teeth or no teeth at all? (No dentures, either)
by Stephen King
Communicate directly with reader
can be personal or fictional
Rhetorical Devices
Logos- LOGICAL appeal
Ethos- appeal through CREDIBILITY
Pathos- EMOTIONAL appeal

Rhetorical questions
Parallel structure
vs... repetition
Figurative language
Charged language
Famous speeches throughout history
Your supplies:
Lined paper
Your task:
Present your type of writing in a comprehensive, creative way
Teach the class the main features of your genre
Provide an example of it in any way you choose (ie written, spoken, visual, etc)
Your time frame:
15 minutes to work
5 minutes to present
Blinded by the possibility of glory and victory, I felt my calf muscles contract as I began to propel myself toward the other side of the bus stop. I could feel the wind tug at my hair, pulling my pink scrunchie further down to its ends as my oversized, awkward head flew wildly with momentum. Knots in my stomach as I raced the tennis ball to the tree, or third base, I heard the screech of bus tires and the deep, booming voice of my new bus driver announcing its arrival. Sharply distracted, I whipped around, still unable to put a halt to my cheetah like speed, and with a start I suddenly stopped as my little 5-year old body plummeted into the tree. Everything went black as the slight smell of blood and pang of ache filled my senses.
Think about the last time you were really frustrated with something. Step outside of your frustration and look at the details of your situation- write a 1 paragraph news report of what happened as a 3rd party observer. Omit any opinion- your perspective should simply expose the details of what happened.
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