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Shannon Ferry

on 27 May 2014

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Based on the movie, Guys and Dolls, staring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, and Vivian Blaine.
Interviews with Sky Masterson (Obediah) and Sarah Brown.
Meet 2 of the STARS
Right here we are going to interview Julie Anne Steed, who plays the part of Sky Masterson on the set of Guys and Dolls. "We heard that the old Sky Masterson quit, what part did you play before Sky Masterson?" "I played the part of Brannigan." she answers. "How did you feel when you got the part of Sky Masterson?" "Well," she answers, "I was both excited and scared because I wanted bigger part so it was great, but it was already pretty far into the play so memorizing lines might be hard but, I got them in the end and the play for the school was successful." "Are you ready for the play today?" "Yes, I really think we all are. Like I said, the play went successful for the school so it should not be any different this time."
We are going on to the set of Guys and Dolls to interview Shannon Ferry who plays Sarah Brown from the mission. "First things first, how did you get into acting?" "I started in forth grade when they needed extras. My teacher, Mrs. Trudeau, asked me if I wanted to be in the school play. She also asked some of my other friends so, I said 'yes'". we weren't any thing but extras, but it was fun!" she answered. "So we heard that you were playing soccer on a select team, is it hard to do both of those things?" "At first it was hard because, I had to memorize my lines with soccer three or more days a week but, it got easier once I got more familiar with the play." she replied. Only a few more questions to go. "Did you always like the play?" "Well," she hesitated, "At first, I didn't really like it because of the gambling and drinking. Then Mr. Smith made a few changes and now I think the play is much better and more appropriate." "Last, but not least, how do you think you are going to do today?" "I think there was a few little patchy spots, but we fixed them up and are ready to go!"
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Mr. Smith- Director
ALL ABOUT: Director's Paradise
Mrs. Anander
Mr. Noel Smith is the director of the Guys and Dolls Jr. this year. He is a forth grade teacher at Willis Road Elementary School in Sharpsburg Georgia. We are going to interview a few of the cast members to see just how good of a director he really is. First we will interview Emily Haberman who plays Nathan Detroit. "Do you think Mr. Smith is a good director?" "Yes I do. He gives us precise directions on where to be, what to say, and how to say it!" says Emily. Now we will interview Shannon Ferry. "Do you think that Mr. Smith is a good directer?" "Yes I do. Like Emily said, he is very precise with directions which makes every thing easier. He is not only a good director though, he is also a fun person to be around. For instance, he pulled me and Julie Anne Steed around the school in a wagon yesterday. (Just because.)
Mrs. Anander is a first grade teacher at Willis Road Elementary School. she controls all the dancing in the play. She makes up all the moves and teaches them to everybody. She must have a lot of patience to do that because trust me on this one I stink at
Mr. Smith, the Director, has built FABULOUS props for this play, but who is going to move all of them? That is where stage crew comes in handy. The head of the stage crew is Mr. Steve Cahlink, a third grade teacher at Willis Road Elementary School. Mr. Cahlink decides where to move the props and who to move them there. All of stage crew knows exactly what to do. This years stage crew has done a awesome job so far. Everyone knows it is going to turn out great because of all the hard work everyone has put into it. Sadly, Mr. Cahlink will not be here today. He is on a trip with his family at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Stage Crew
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