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Millennials May have it Right

No description

David Dees

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Millennials May have it Right

David M. Dees
Kent State University

Who's been involved?
80+ students (to date)
Variety of majors
(Education, Sociology, Public Health, Chemistry, Undecided, Nursing, English, Visual Communication, Architecture, Geology)
43 females/38 males
10 graduate students (own focus group)
11 graduate students (mixed group)
5 international students
33+ first-generation college students
Quality Learning Environments
Cognitive Theory
"Wisdom of Practice"
Focus Group Research Caveat:
1. Researcher's interest is the focus of the discussions.
2. Group interaction encourages deep discussion on complex issues.
Morgan, D.L. (1997)
The "Wants" of the Brain
(a) understand your environment
(b) control your own actions
(c) avoid danger
(d) seek pleasure
(Zull, 2002, p. 51)

"Focus groups provide rich and detailed information about feelings, thoughts, understandings, perceptions and impressions of people in their own words" (Liamputtong, 2011, p. 6).

Doyle, 2011
Event Segmentation
"...mirror neurons are endowed with the precise properties allowing for complex remapping from one domain to another....which may lead to behaviors which arguably distinguish humans from all other animals....We suggest that the discovery of the mirror neuron system will do for psychology what DNA has done for biology; provide a unifying theory at the level of anatomical hardware as opposed to more general "black box" theories."
(Oberman and Ramachandran, p. 39-40).
"Our evolutionary view also helps us understand why learning is a natural process when it has to do directly with the life of the learner. If people believe it is important to their lives, they will learn....A second rule then is that if we want to help people learn
we must help them see how it matters in their lives
. I stress, we must help
see. The learner herself must see it and believe it" (Zull, 2002, p. 52).
What Matters Most?
Help students recognize the disciplinary patterns in your field!
What are you already doing now?

What changes could you make to improve the environment for all?
What all of us want......
Connected, Interested, Understand, and Relevant
More Passion
Motivation At The End

These Millennials May Have It Right
"Emerging Adults".....Jeffrey Jenson Arnett

-Adolescence started at turn of century....

Child Labor Laws
+ Compulsory Eduction
Prolong Dependence

-Today, adult markers (completing school, leaving home, financial independence, marriage, and kids) happen later in life............
Prolonged Adolescence/Emerging Adults
Who are these people?
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