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No description

Mr. Parke

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Nick

What is Global Warming?
Global Warming is a term used to describe an increase in the Earth's average temperature.
What Effects come from Global Warming?
My Opinion On Global Warming
I think Global Warming is a huge problem, and people need to stop it however they can.
Facts about Global Warming
The Arctic areas are the worst places to be affected by Global Warming.
What causes Global Warming?
Global Warming is caused by burning fossil fuels. It is also caused by chopping down trees.
What is bad about Global Warming?
Natural Habitats become hostile to plants and animals.
Global Warming
By: Nick S.

The heat change can make the weather worse, it can melt a lot of ice, and can surprisingly expand oceans.
More Facts about Global Warming
Sea levels have grown by about 7 inches in the past century, which is more than the previous 2000 years combined.
Even MORE Facts About Global Warming
Over 1,000,000 species have become extinct due to Global Warming.
The End
can you see me?
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