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Harley Sportster

No description

Stephanie Andrews

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Harley Sportster

Radio Billboard Transit Outdoor On air with Ryan Seacrest Star 98.7 105.1 The Beat Social Media Twitter Facebook Victoria's Secret Flashmob Harley
SWOT Women Ages 18-35 The AIDgency Strengths 60% of all Motorcycles Sold are Harley Davidsons Harley Davidson has a strong brand identity Harley Daivdson has incredible loyalty Harley Davidson is considered
one of the high quality
Motorcycle companies Weaknesses Of motorcycle consumers,
only 12% are women Motorcycles are not seen as feminine
which hurts us when we are trying to
market to women The Harley Sportster is a smaller
bike with a thinner base to sit on, making it mucheasier for smaller bodied people to manage Opportunities Motorcycles are shifting from
being thought of as a mans bike,
and can be thought of exciting for
both genders Threats Harley Davidson bikes are top quality,
which also means top price and has a
lot of competiton from Honda Moto Harley Davidson is producing
more bikes that are smaller and
could be used more easily than
widsters or fatboys Harley is a well known brand,
increasing BDI is hard to do
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