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Copy for my museum

The Story of our 4 days...

Staley Carter

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy for my museum

Double click anywhere & add an idea Entrance The theme...
Make each room an era for the tourist to experience Prehellenic era What time is it
in the world? ? How does the architecture effect the atmosphere? ? ? The Minoans and the Minotaur Living the Myth February, 2010 Room 1 Prehellenic Era
Make it feel like the tourist just discovered that Troy really existed. We take them into a room lined with frescos, filled with koros and built according to prehellenic architecture. Romanesque Room III Welcome to the Middle Ages. We watch Christianity as it influences the Early Roman Christian Era, the Romanesque Era, and Gothic Era. Getting started... Age of the Monastary Thank you for harvesting for us Tenesson!!! Room IV The Renaissance Leonardo
Michaelangelo High Renaissance
Learn from the Masters Room II
The Greeks and the Romans Thank you for harvesting for us Tenesson!!! Experience the Polis Living it Over
The Museum of Humanities Mini-Acropolis
Honor to Philosophy
Agora Watch Greek Theater Hellenistic Era "If you don't have emotions
you're not human" Remake of Sophocles play with Virgil's Aeneid Laocoon and His Sons Alex the Great was taught by Aristotle to honor all things greek. Then comes the shift from moderation to melodrama and greek adoration. Roman Era The Dome on a Drum Pantheon
Temple to all the gods
highlight from the occulus Early Roman Christian Era thank you constantine Architecture: latin cross greek cross Roussanou Monastery, Meteora, Greece Gothic Scholasticism Here, the architecture and stained glass does the teaching. A rebirth of art, enlightenment and the great, glory of Rome Early Renaissance Viva la vida Rebirth Enlightened Open The Home of the Medici Family Michaelangelo He fulfilled his mission to bring people to Christ through his art. The Powder Room The Middle Ages
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