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How does suicide affect modern day society?

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Brianna Lynn

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of How does suicide affect modern day society?

How does suicide affect modern day society?
how does it affect you?
This is where you put your own words. whether you say it doesn't affect you at all, or that you are bored with this presentation, or that you know what it feels like, or want to hear more. This is where you're words make the difference, where they can be the change. Where your voice can scream over the others and bring light to any situation, or not be heard in the muddle of everyone else talking. This your moment, now what do you have to say?
the action of killing oneself intentionally." -google
It can be called many things, an act of desperation, and act of stupidity, or just an act. Everyday, over 1,424 people (mostly teens) will commit suicide. A majority of our youth are suffering and hurting deeply. You may never know if someone is suffering until it's too late.
How does is affect media?
Media is greatly affected by suicide. Media is know for dramatics, so they tend glamourize something as serious as suicide. Movies or television shows glamourize suicide in ways that is not serious, degrading, and over-dramatic. On the news, they make the situation sound so simple, so plain and stupid, that the simple cure is to let them do the act and the world is "rid of another idiot". In fact, people with a higher I.Q,'s are more common to suffer from depression or have suicidal thoughts. For example, Ludwig Boltzmann, a famous Austrian physician, became famous for his findings in statistical mechanics and statistical thermodynamics, took his own life while on holiday with his family. Jason Altom, a Ph.D student at Harvard had been working on a complex natural product, swallowed potassium cyanide. Media dehumanizes the acts of suicide. It makes it look as though no one but the deceased is affected. That no one cares that person is gone. That the reasons behind the act are so petty and simple. Sometimes we forget, that our brothers, sisters, family, and friends, could be the next one to kill themselves, and change everything for you.
How does it affect music?
Music is something we take for granted. Its just seems to be there. When you turn on the radio to fill an awkward silence, when you're having fun in the shower, or when people do something crazy and/or funny. Music helps us tell stories, share advice, and give hope. As anyone can guess, rock/metal/punk music is suggested to have the highest suicide rate amongst fans/listeners. This is because these genres are know for its "promotion" of "blood, sex, and violence". THIS IS ALL COMPLETELY WRONG. Country music has the largest number of suicide rates amongst fans/listeners. Rock/metal/punk bands have started spreading a new message. Bands such as Pierce the Veil or Of Mice & Men, that fall under those three categories have inspiring messages such as "darling, it will be okay" or "Don't give up because you're losing, you haven't lost yet". It may be surprising to see Country with the largest suicide rate, but that is because the messages behind a lot of the song talks about losing everything and having nothing left to live for.
what can you do?
I am asking you to be the change. Do something to make a difference in some ones day. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell a stranger a silly joke. Hold the door. Share your lunch. Draw them a picture.
By Brianna Lynn
What is suicide?
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