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LulzSec Just Having a Laugh

Many people thinking Anonymous is bad but really there are more people in this world with intensions like them.

Daniel Loffio

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of LulzSec Just Having a Laugh

By: Daniel Loffio
LulzSec Just Having a Laugh.
Who's LulzSec
How can they be Good?
So How do I know who was behind
the hacks?
People who hack.
They follow Anonymous.
They Hack Many people and companies.
They do it "for the Lulz" or to respond to rebellion.
Loved by Thousands! Huge Twitter!
So who do they Target
I really didn't find out. But I can say that they do target people who act maliciously against them. Also they attack companies that do something bad in their eyes.
They can be good for getting rid of
bad websites.
And for gamers and Youtubers
helping get rid of acts like SOPA.

To be honest, the only way I know was through research. Multiple Websites say they did it, they left signs. But if they don't come out and say they did it, I really don't know. It's all a guess. One big " Blame Anonymous" or "Blame LulzSec!" that we all say when we hear a story about a hack.
Articles By: Elinor Mills
12/25/2011Stratfor LulzSec, AntiSec 860,000 e-mail addresses, 75,000 unencrypted credit card numbers stolen and later released publicly Anonymous claims hack on security think tank Hackers release credit card, other data from Stratfor breach
Vanguard Defense Industries AntiSec Hackers release a gigabyte of private information from government contractor AntiSec hackers target Vanguard Defense
Pacts they made.
They have joined with Anonymous to make a small group/campaign called AntiSec. They do some stuff together but they're still secretive.
So something you might of not known.
Anonymous wasn't the only attack on PSN. There was
around 5 during 2011. "Open Hacking Season" was what it was called. LulzSec, Anonymous, AntiSec, and Idhac. Yep they all were in on the take down.
The End
So who is Anonymous?
Everyone has heard of them, but who are they? They're a big Hacker Group who everyone gives all the credit to for every hack, but maybe they aren't as big as we thought.
Basically a mixture of LulzSec and Anonymous.
Work Cited
Daniel is the best.
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