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The changing role of the Press Office:

No description

Amy Cory

on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of The changing role of the Press Office:

Led by journalism

Campus is our patch
More than just a Press Office
This is particularly evident in the 16-34 age group, where use of internet or apps for news has increased from 44% in 2013 to 60% in 2014.
The Leicester way
The News Centre
Change in the consumption of news

Change in the function of the Press Office

Far more than just press releases

Publishers of news in our own right
Multimedia News Officer
The changing Press Office
The multimedia superstar
Case Study: Richard III

Facilitates interactions with journalists and the University

Press releases announcing research breakthroughs

Expert comment on topical issues

Crisis management

The changing role of the Press Office:
The rise of multimedia news
How has the function of a Press Office changed?

How is the University of Leicester using multimedia news?

How can you use multimedia to enhance your coverage?

Is the press release dead?

How do we consume news?
News and Events
Corporate News
Multimedia News
HE Consultant
Director of Press
Multimedia News Officer
Post created summer 2013
Richard III success highlighted potential of multimedia content

Saw demand

Wanted to proactively accommodate need
Multimedia tools
Nearly 23% of online time is spent on multimedia platforms
My role:

Identify and follow up newsworthy stories for multimedia content

Lead on the News Centre's social media operations
My background:
Media, Communications and Society graduate

Press and Communications intern

Camp Counsellor/Multimedia Department Head, American summer camp

Press and PR Assistant

Alumni Communications Officer
I'm eating a #doughnut

I like doughnuts

Here's a vintage photo of my doughnut

Here's a video of me eating a doughnut

My skills include doughnut eating

Here is a doughnut recipe

This is what I sound like when I eat my doughnut
One of the fastest growing social media sites globally

75 million user accounts

190 million tweets sent daily

Limited to 140 characters

Source of breaking news
Video-sharing website launched in November 2005

100 hours of new videos uploaded every minute

800 million unique users a month
Online audio distribution platform

Launched October 2008

40 million registered users

200 million listeners
@UoLNewsCentre launched January 2011

Targets journalists

#RichardIII and #SecretLifeofStudents trending

Live tweet and storify events

#HelpaReporterOut, #Journorequest
UniversityLeicester channel launched May 2008

200+ videos

More than 2.5 million views

More than 5,500 subscribers

Playlists include: Research, The Search for Richard III, Clinical Examinations
Case Study: Richard III reinterment decision
Case Study: The future evolution of rats
The News Centre:
Launched October 2012

150+ followers

84 tracks

More than 53,000 plays

Case Study: What does space sound like?
Why use multimedia with a press release?
The rise of multimedia news
Any questions?
Amy Cory
Multimedia News Officer

The press release is definitely not dead; I don't see another way of telling all the people the same thing at the same time but you have to use graphics and visual content in order to get science reported. - Lawrence McGinty, Former Science and Medical Editor, ITV News
When is something multimedia?
Content should be driven by news, not channel

Not every press release will require multimedia


Will it really enhance the release?

Are there any visuals?

What will the sound quality be like?

Is the academic a good speaker?



University of Leicester
Thank you
The press release is not dead

BUT there is a demand for more than just press releases

Can generate additional coverage

Create a major impact with a small resource

News is still key, multimedia is just an additional channel
Case Study: Richard III
Press conference announcing findings

Multimedia package:

Video interviews
Podcast interviews
High resolution images


Footage used around the world

Case Study: Richard III
The multimedia superstar
Case Study: The future evolution of rats
Will Richard III be reinterred in Leicester or York?

High Court ruling revealed at a press conference, May 2014

Live tweeting from Cathedral

Gained more than 150 followers

#RichardIII trending once again

31 tweets, 170 RTs, 72 favourites
Case Study:
Storify to recap all tweets

50 tweets


Additional 1,780 viewers

Embedded on medieval blog
Case Study: The future evolution of rats
Press release generated significant interest

interview request: Can we interview the academic for them?

Useful for institutions outside of London
The most extraordinary press conference ever held at any UK university. - The Guardian
Case Study: What does space sound like?
Photo = 1.8 times
Video = 4.3 times
Photo + Video = 7.4 times
Downloadable files = 9.7 times
Grab 77% more views
Division of External Relations:

Creative Services

Distance Learning Recruitment

Marketing Communications
News Centre


Student Recruitment

Widening Participation
A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. - Omnivideo, 2009
News consumption 2013 - 2014
The future
Multimedia Press Pack
More compelling

Expectation to illustrate stories

Increases online release views

News can live longer

Content is easier to share

Good practice for academics

Source of talent
What journalists want vs corporate priorities

Key content

Has to be available online

Share content via Dropbox
The technical bit...
The pitfalls of multimedia content
What is multimedia news?

Everybody wants a video/podcast

Useful additional material but does it have a purpose?

Difficult to keep track of copyright material

Marketing vs News

Multimedia content for corporate communications
Multimedia content for corporate communications
Multimedia content for corporate communications
We're not the only ones doing it...
What did we learn from Richard III?
How the media like to receive news

Benefits of a multimedia press pack

Distribution method

Thirst for multimedia content
Case Study: Blazing car murder case
1930s Northamptonshire murder case

Experts from Departments of Criminology and Chemistry

Working with BBC's
The One Show

Multimedia news package:

Press releases
Original photography
Case Study: Blazing car murder case
Still have work to do

Target media: who will/will not embed content?

Where else can content be embedded?




Centre for Medicine campaign
30th anniversary of genetic fingerprinting
Multimedia content demands time and resources:


2-3 minute podcast = 1 day

2-3 minute video = 3-5 days

Consider: location, person, framing
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