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TCN and Jaws

No description

Brett Menzie

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of TCN and Jaws

The Cloud =

Ease of Use
No Risk
Low Cost

Simple User Interface

Message Builder Interface

Seamless Data Transfers

Enhanced Broadcast Functionality

Enhanced Reporting

Real-time Dashboard Reporting
"One Page" Send Broadcast
Flexible and Dynamic User Interface
Nothing to Install
Simple or Survey Message
Quick Graphical Summary
Summary of Broadcast Settings
Dashboard Monitoring of Broadcast
Real-Time Review of Connected Calls
Live Monitoring of Calls
Large Up Front Cost
Purchase More Than Is Needed
Expensive Technical Support
Add, Moves, and Changes are costly and time consuming
Depreciation and Obsolescence
No equipment to buy
Make Changes Instantly
No Limit on growth
Does not limit you by location
24/7 Client Services Support and Escalation
Industry Experts
Onsite Consulting & Strategy Visits
Ongoing Best Practice Consultation
Real-Time Message Set Up
Best Support & Service

Should be
your choice?

Agent Connect

Sub Second
Comprehensive Feature Set
Dialing Modes
• Attended
• Unattended
• Predictive
• Self-Cure (Credit, Debt, or ACH Payments)
• Preview (all numbers or cell phones only)
• Manual

Detections and Output Results
• Connect
• Answering Machine
• Busy
• SIT/Tri-Tone

Phones Associated with Lead (Home, Work, Mobile, etc.)

Agent Scripting (Customizable)

Multiple Campaign Management

Call Recording (Web Pick-Up, FTP Delivery, etc.)

Caller ID (Round Robin, Local, Random)

Text To Speech (Full Message or Data Insertion)

Quality Monitoring Disposition-Based Scheduling
• Based on Concurrent Disposition
• Redial Same Number
• Redial Next Number (Sequential)

DNC Lead Scrubs (Real Time)

Cell Phone Scrubs

DNC Lead Opt In

Real Time Reporting (See Reporting Section Below)

Record Specific Link Back Custom Dialing Ordering
Caller ID (Round Robin, Local, Random)

Text To Speech (Full Message or Data Insertion)

Quality Monitoring Disposition-Based Scheduling
• Based on Concurrent Disposition
• Redial Same Number
• Redial Next Number (Sequential)

DNC Lead Scrubs (Real Time)

Cell Phone Scrubs

DNC Lead Opt In

Real Time Reporting (See Reporting Section Below)

Record Specific Link Back Custom Dialing Ordering

Call Recording

Level of Service
• Queue Based
• ANI Based

Required Skill

Queue-to-Queue Transfer

Caller Queue Opt In

Real Time Reporting (See Reporting Section)

At Home Agents
• Inbound
• Campaign/Queue
• Campaign Penetration
• Agent Activity/Productivity
• QA Monitoring
• Non-Disposition Call Metrics (Connects, Busy, Answering Machine, Etc.)

Real Time
• Call in Queue
• Wait Time
• Agents in Queue (Statues/Time in Status/Associated Record)
• Agent Barge-In (Monitor, Coach, Conference)
• Force Agent from Wrap-Up
• Abandons
• Lead Status (Dialing, Connected, Etc.)

Custom Reports

Automated Delivery (FTP, SFTP, HTTPS Post, Email)

Number Activity Look Up

• Average/Total Wait Time
• Average/Total Talk Time
• Average/Total Wrap Time
• Calls Per Agent Hour
• Real Time Status
• Billing Time/Costs
• Agent Responses
• SIP Trunking

Dial In Options
• Local Number
• Toll-Free
• Softphone Cloud
• SIP Dial

API to Automate Data Transfer and Campaign Control
• ftp / sftp / ftps / https
TCPA Compliance Tools / Scrub / Rules

Dialing Governance/Rules
• Time Zone (International)
• Day of Week
• Time of Day
• Custom Scheduling User Management
• Permission Based Log Ins/Accounts

Default Time Zone and Time Zone Override Custom

Scheduling Rules

Zip Code Scrubs

Multiple Language Messaging

Website Translation into Multiple Languages
Pay As You Go
No Upfront Capital Outlay
24/7 Support
Call Recording
System Updates
contact center phone

best of breed
Pay as you go! Scale capacity on demand!
True 99.94% Up Time
Including scheduled maintenance
Satisfied Customers
Est. 1999
Simply Click and Add
Instantly Increase or Decrease Agents
Add Lines Per Agent At Will, No Limitations

Carrier Gateways

Tier 1
Direct Fiber Connects
Answering Machine Detection
(Ind. Rate by ADP)
No Limit on

Lines Per Agent
Call Quality
Direct Interface
JAWS Programmer
Integration improvements are just a phone call away
St. George, Utah
Bryce Payne
For Assistance In Quickly Implementing This Integrated Solution :

Bryce Payne
Executive Account Manager
TCN Inc.
"Thank you for your time

Summary of Q&A Period:
Price and minimums:
TCN utilizes a "Pay As You Go" pricing model. No set up fee, No monthly minimums, No per seat license. Simply a low per minute rate, based on monthly volume. Contact for a quote. No Risk - No Commitment.

TCPA Compliance Tools:
TCN identifies Wireless phone numbers in two ways: First, using Block Assignments to Wireless carriers that identify the majority of cell phone numbers currently in use. Second, TCN as an authorized Neustar reseller, TCN identifies numbers that have been ported from being a Wired Line to Wireless. TCN updates against Neustar's databases on a daily basis.
TCN can identify cell phones and "scrub" (cancel the call) or "preview" (allow the agent to decide to call or not call) the number. Scrubbing can take place prior to dialing, or just in time. TCN also offers a Manual Dial only system (note: overview document is available upon request)

Ability to set custom calling rules:

TCN gives you the ability to not only automatically set the system to follow the sun and track the times by zip code, but you also can customize calling rules by area code.

Learning Curve and Time to implement:
With a very simple to use GUI interface, agents and managers can be up and running in just a few hours from them moment of signing on with TCN. There is no technical background required to completely manage the system and our free 24/7 customer service is always available at a moments notice.

At home agents:
With the flexibility of the cloud, agents an managers can access and fully utilize the system from any location with an internet connection. Such occurrences as sickness, weather related issues, or physical limitations, that stop someone from coming into an office, are not an issue with our cloud based platform.

Requirements for Agent connections:
There are 3 different options for the agent to make the voice connection to they system: TCN's built in Softphone, or Through a physical phone -by dialing a local land line, or through a SIP connection. The Bandwidth requirements for the Softphone or SIP connection are 89kps (up and down).

Thank you for your questions and feel free to contact me with any additional questions that you might have.
Customizable Automated Reports

Individually Select what information to include in a report, including Call Recording link and survey answers.
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