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Seasons for growth

No description

Denise Mclellan

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of Seasons for growth

Seasons for growth
Exploring the seasons of grief

The seasons Metaphor
We have to find ways to adapt to the difference in each season
Each season has its own story; there are easy days and difficult days
Seasons have their own unpredictablity and that is normal
Seasonal change is often silent, gradual and unseen
The experience of the seasons is different depending where you live
Group Agreement
Respect for each person
Participants choose how much of their story they wish to share
Everyone's contributions need to be equally valued
Confidentiality within the group needs to be maintained
Allow each person to find their own answers to inner questions. (no advice or rescuing please)
Listen to each other’s stories without interruption

No season lasts forever
Each season is good, unique and important for our growth
Individuals are affected differently by the seasons
Name as many experiences of change and loss as possible
Congratulations on having the courage to come to this session and beginning what may be a challenging but very worthwhile experience.
The purpose of Exploring the seasons of grief is to explore how the metophor of the seasons may help explain the experiences of life.
There is no expectation that you will be in 'summer' by the end of this program.
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