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Ajoy Ghatak

No description

Gywnny McGough

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of Ajoy Ghatak

He was born on November 9, 1939
He is an Indian physicist and author of multiple physics textbooks
He is a teacher doing a large amount of research and educational speeches
What were his Living Conditions?
India had gained independence from the United Kingdom by 1947
New Delhi became the capital of India right before Independence
India struggled with economic issues and had trouble keeping steady jobs and living conditions at this point
The government had most control over its citizens, but India also started growing from this point
Where did he live?
He was born in Lucknow, India
He then moved to New Delhi, Delhi, India (for further education)
He then moved to Ithaca, New York, US to attend Cornell University
He then moved back to New Delhi to continue in a teaching career
Finally, he moved to Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh to attend the National Academy of Sciences in India

Who is Ajoy?
What was the State of the Science Field?
His Legacy Today
Ajoy is still alive and thriving today
He now spends his times giving lectures at universities in India and internationally
He is very well respected for his accomplishments as well as his writings + speeches
He continues to contribute to the growth of the Physics and education fields
What were some Key Ideas during that Period?
How did Ajoy Affect the People + World around him.
What Major Achievements did he make?
Ajoy has written over 170 research papers and 20 books
His books "Optics" and "Optical waveguides" have been translated into multiple different languages
He now gives speeches including his TEDx talk "Inside Einsteins Mind"
Specific awards: SPIE Educator's award, Esther Hoffman Beller Medal, Galileo Galilei Award, S. S. Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology
Ajoy Ghatak's Early Life
Science and Ajoy Ghatack
Ajoy Ghatak's Legacy
Ajoy Ghatak
By Gwynny McGough
"Biotechnology Revolution" in Encyclopedia of India
"Information and other Technology Development" in Encyclopedia of India
In India during the time...
In the Physics field...
In India...
In the Physics field...
Space exploration
Nuclear science
Technology (development and manufacturing
Chemical engineering
Computer and medical science
1940's-1960's: The country started to develop into a modern state to fit the nuclear age + made an effort to promote higher education/technology
Industrial production increased in agriculture
also worked to advance military technology
1970's-1980's: Nuclear power became increasingly popular as well as space exploration and economy growth
1990's- Present: Biotechnology became popular as well as scientific research and innovation
Albert Einstein: Special relativity + General relativity
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum field theory
Unified field theories
Higgs boson
During the 1940's-1980's, It was the birth of modern physics and the development of highly complex problems
There was lots of debate about whether some ideas were facts or if those facts could be supported
Research became increasingly more popular as a way to prove these facts
He has helped contribute to the making of many research papers and books
He is educating people all over the U.S. and India, especially to people in poverty
He has made outstanding contributions to the optics field as well as engineering education
Has shed light on Albert Einstein and helped people to understand his discovery's
Quotes about Ajoy's Awards...
"for significant work in the field of inhomogeneous optical wave-guides, theory of aberrations for optical systems comprising inhomogeneous media and self-focusing of laser beams"
"for outstanding contributions to the field of optics which are achieved under comparatively unfavorable circumstances"
"for outstanding contributions to optical science and engineering education"
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