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The Mark of Athena -Timeline By: Tushmitha S.

This is a timeline of the book, The Mark of Athena. It shows the 20 Major events that happen in the book! Enjoy!

Tush Sundaralingam

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena -Timeline By: Tushmitha S.

Annabeth, Piper, Jason, and Leo finally reach the Roman camp on board their ship, the Argo II. Many of the Romans are hostile though glad to see Jason. The Greeks are not hostile and are glad to see Percy. The Romans and Greeks have a feast to discuss about the Great Prophecy. During the feast, Leo unwillingly goes up to the ship and fires on the Romans. This causes the Romans to attack the Greeks. Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Jason, Percy and Percy's new friends Hazel and Frank retreat and head to Detroit, Michigan for supplies as the ship is badly damaged due to the the attack by the Romans. During their trip, Piper sees glimpses of the future in her enchanted knife. She sees that they need to go see Bacchus, the Roman god of the wine. Following a vision, the seven demigods head to Topeka, where they encounter Bacchus, the Roman form of Dionysus, who makes it clear that he won't help them unless they offer him a sacrifice. He recommends heading to Atlanta to talk to the old sea god called Phorcys. They also discover why Leo shot at the Romans - Gaia has spirits called eidolons who can possess people. After they attempt to make Percy and Jason kill each other, Piper forces them to leave the seven half-bloods alone from now on. Percy has a vision in his dreams that Nico di Angelo (son of Hades and Hazel's half-brother) is being held prisoner in Rome by two giants. The seven demigods then travel to Atlanta due to what Bacchus told them. When they reach Atlanta, Percy and Frank leave the ship to find salt water as salt water will lead them to Phorycs, who is supposedly going to help them defeat Gaia. They meet Phorycs but find out that he is actually the son of Gaea. Percy manages to trick the god into telling them what Gaia is planing to
do. Phorycs tries to capture Percy and Frank
but they luckily manage to escape. The Mark of Athena - Timeline
By: Tushmitha Sundaralingam The seven demigods head to Charleston, South Carolina to visit a confederate (ghost) who they believe will help them. Annabeth, Hazel, and Piper leave the ship to find the ghost, leaving the boys behind to guard the ship. They find out that the ghost is actually Piper's mother, Aphrodite - the goddess of beauty and love. At that
time, the boys were being attacked by the Romans.The girls find out what is
happening and goes to help them.
Together the seven
demigods escape. Spoiler Alert! If you are currently reading The Mark of
Athena or haven't read it and plan to,
it is recommended that you do not see this presentation as it might give the book away!
You have been warned! Enjoy my timeline! The seven demigods then travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Hazel and Leo go into one of Hazel flashbacks. They see Sammy- someone from Hazel's past life. Sammy was someone Hazel loved and he loved her back. In the flashback, Sammy tells Leo that when he meets Hazel, tell her that Sammy said hello. It is then that Leo and Hazel realize that Sammy is Leo's grandfather. At that exact moment, a monster
attacks their ship. This monster is sent by
Phorcys. Luckily, they are saved by the
Ichthyo centaurs. The centaurs
interrogate the demigods and then
send them on their way. The seven demigods then continue their journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the Pillars of Hercules. There they have to get permission from Hercules to pass. He only allows Piper and Jason to leave the ship to come talk to him. When Hercules learn Hera (Hercules's archenemy) set the seven demigods their quest, he gives Piper and Jason a nearly impossible task. They have to find Achelous and take his horn. When Piper and Jason are fighting Achelous, they
find out that Hercules is using them to get
revenge. Jason and Piper takes the horn back to Hercules and finding out that the horn is a cornucopia, they blast Hercules with
food. Jason and Piper then heads
to the ship and escapes. On their way to Rome, the demigods are attacked by pirates. The pirates are dolphins and the leader of the pirates is Chrysaor, the Golden Warrior. The pirates try to board the Argo II but Percy scares them into thinking that Bacchus is on the ship. Bacchus
is the one who changed the pirates into
dolphins so when the pirates heard his
name, they ran away. The demigods
then continue their journey to
Rome. When the demigods arrive at Rome, they split up. Percy and Annabeth go to Tiber to try to find the god of Tiber because Annabeth needs to leave with the
god alone as she has to find the statue, Athena
Parthenos. This statue will help unite the Greeks
and Romans. While Percy and Annabeth sit at
a cafe, the god of Tiber comes up and
Annabeth leaves with the god. Meanwhile, Leo, Hazel and Frank go through tunnels trying to find Nico di Angelo as he has been captured by giants. They find a room full
of Archimedes' old machines. Then the
machines attack them as the machines are
being possessed by the spirits that possessed
Jason and Percy. Leo uses a override to
destroy the machines the spirits are
possessing and trap them in
the machines. At that time when Leo is trying to destroy
the spirits, Piper, Jason and Percy are
trapped in a pit of black water by Gaia's nymphs who were spiteful that the gods ruined their water and wanted to destroy
the gods and anyone who supported them. Even though Percy is the son of Poseidon,
he can't breathe in the black water.
Luckily, Percy manages to save the
day by cleaning the nymphs'
water and appeasing
them. Meanwhile, Annabeth is searching in caverns to find the
Athena Parenthos. She arrives in a cavern where Arachne resides. The statue is next to Arachne but Arachne is not going to give it to Annabeth as Annabeth's mother, Athena, turned Arachne into a spider because Arachne was a better weaver than her and she was jealous. Ever since then, Arachne wants to get revenge on Athena and all of the goddess's children. Annabeth attacks Arachne but Arachne is too powerful. Annabeth buys some time by talking to Arachne. Annabeth
tells Arachne that Arachne is a better weaver than Athena
and tricks her into weaving her own cage. Annabeth tries
to remove the statue but the statue is holding the
room together from crumbling into Tartarus
which is what the room has been built over. During Annabeth's escapade, Piper, Jason and Percy find the giants Ephialtes and Otis and fight them to try to rescue Nico. They fight and fight but the giants are too powerful. The demigods call on Bacchus for help as Bacchus had killed Ephialtes and Otis before. Bacchus
just watches the demigods fight and then finishes the giants off after they are
already dust. Percy, Jason, Piper, and Nico meet up with Leo, Frank, and Hazel. They swap stories quickly then go looking for Annabeth. They use Hazel's senses to find the place where Annabeth is in and they bust in there. They lower ropes down the ship and Percy goes down there to help
Annabeth and also to tie up the statue. The whole
cavern starts to crumble. Percy and Annabeth fall.
Luckily, Percy catches onto a ledge and catches
Annabeth's hand. He tells the others to go
to Greece and close the Doors of Death.
Percy then lets go of the ledge and he
and Annabeth fall into Tartarus. The Great Prophecy of the
TO THE DOORS OF DEATH. The Seven Demigods in the Great Prophecy Percy Jackson- son of the Greek sea god Poseidon

Annabeth Chase- daughter of the Greek wisdom goddess Athena

Leo Valdez- son of the Greek god of fire and patron of craftsmen Hephaestus

Piper McLean- daughter of the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite

Jason Grace- son of the Roman god of the sky Zeus

Frank Zhang- son of the Roman god of war Ares

Hazel Levesque- daughter of the Roman god of wealth and the dead Pluto The Prophecy that was given to Annabeth when the Romans and Greeks were having a feast: Wisdom's daughter walks alone,

The Mark of Athena burns through Rome.

Twins snuff out the angels breath,

Who holds the key to endless death.

Giants bane stands gold and pale,

Won through pain from a woven jail. 1) Annabeth, daughter of the wisdom goddess Athena, walks alone through the underground of Rome or, as she puts it, she doesn't have any special ability like the other six heroes do, which is why she walks alone.

2) The symbol of the Mark of Athena glows bright red like fire making seem like it burns through several places in Rome.

3) The twin giants Ephialtes and Otis take away Nico di Angelo. Angelo is Italian for "angel."

4) Nico holds the information to the Doors of Death.

5) Athena Parthenos is made of gold and ivory, which are like pale stones.

6) The statue was rescued by Annabeth Chase from Arachne. She managed to win the statue by getting Arachne to weave her own jail. Unraveling the Prophecy that was given to Annabeth during the feast: Needing to repair the ship, Leo and Hazel go in search of some celestial bronze that Hazel senses nearby. They discover that the celestial bronze is being used as a mirror by the resurrected Narcissus - they manage to steal it with the aid of Echo (the cursed nymph who still loves Narcissus) and Hazel's immortal super horse Arion. They also encounter the goddess Nemesis, who gives Leo a fortune cookie and warns him that he must make a great sacrifice to get the good luck he'll need to survive the quest. She
also mentions that they have five days before Rome is
destroyed as part of Gaia's plan. The story ends with the remainder of the group vowing to continue on to Greece and close the Doors of Death before taking out
the giants for good, trusting that somehow
Percy and Annabeth will survive long
enough to be rescued.
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