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Jacques Cartier

No description

Mai L.

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier
By: Mai
he learned how to use star maps, compass(like an astrolabe), and regular maps
For the King...
"Let's go home Winter is to Hard"!
Follow me!
Keep goin
Sailed around here
This is France! Also his sponsor country.
Word Bank
Scurvy: a sickness you get from not getting enough vitamin C.
Sideeffects:Cause's your body to ack, it would make your gums swell up, make your teeth fall out, blood vessels would tare, and worst of all you would die in pain.

the winter would be something like this for Cartier and his men
Time line :)
1491 Jacques Cartier was born in France
He didn't use a GPS he used maps, and
Astrolabe: something like a compass but instead of seeing were you are going it tells you were stars are.
a little image of what happens when you have scurvy
1557 Jacques cartier died
If you notice in almost every picture of him he is scratching his beard!
1520 married Catherine des Granches
1534 sailed his first voyage
1535 sailed his second voyage
1536 Jacques returned to France (second voyage)
May be he has flees or lice in their. Or he is just thinking like how every man itches their beard when they think.
But he also died from a disease that you get from lice and flees! That disease what called typhus, ty-fis.
Winter was a hard time
Canadian winters are worse than French winters
Jacques men got the disease scurvy
the King of France I sent Jacques on his voyages
claimed land and found riches to give to the King
when Jacques was done with his voyage he got none of the riches, all the riches were for the King
man with big shoulders
Wealthy: Very rich, have lots of money or riches
Early Years
All for the King!
Websites:Mr.Nussbaum http://mrnussbaum.com/explorers/jacques_cartier/, Preceden, link http://www.preceden.com/timelines/49714-jacques-cartier, Encyclopadia Britannicahttp://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/97444/Jacques-Cartier,

Books:Social Studies Alive! Americas, Jacques Cartier, Author: Kristin Petrie, Famous Explorer Jacques Cartier, Author: Jeff Donaldson-Forbe, What’s So Great About… Jacques Cartier?, Author: Marylou Morano Kjelle

Lots of Cartier's men died from the disease
lived in Saint-Malo France
his first little expedition was with his friend
1520 married Catherine des Granches
Catherine Des Granches (wife)
did not have any kids
died in the year 1557 from a disease called typhus
clamied a little area and named a river from the land. River was name St. Lawrence River
Still "Stands Here" Today
Cartiers first and second voyage maps
gave France more land
when an other explorer went to the New Worlds they could stop at the claimed land
sailed a little father into the new worlds than a nother explorer (before he died)
found more routes by boat/water ways to places
I'm thinking... I'm thinking...
Jacques had no kids
There were no cars in the late 1400's and early 1500s. So Jacques used a boat... old fashion style!
if Jacques Cartier never found certain land when he was exploring it couldn't have been known as we know it today
was brave enough to explore th New Worlds
he could have died along the way, could have gotten sick or killed by an American Indian (he didn'treally know what would happen)
he learned how to speak other languages and saw how people did their culture
he didnt get to find a way to Asia or the indies but he still did amazing things
he never left his men even though he could have caught the disease
Have you ever wondered who came to America!? Have you ever heard of the names John Cabot, Robet de La Salle, Henry Hudson, or Jacques Cartier. Well you can find out about one of these explorers. That one man is Jacques Cartier! Read on to see what happened during his life.
We're not his kids!
Can I have some money?
Can we go home yet!?
France was his sponcer country
Come with me...
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