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Krokodil, Spice, and Bath Salts

Shanlie Blair and Randy Gillenwater

Shanlie Blair

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Krokodil, Spice, and Bath Salts

Russia's Deadliest Drug Randy Gillenwater
Shanlie Blair Drug Addiction Over the past decade, drug addiction has steadily increased by 8.7%, an estimated 21.8 million people aged 12 and older.
Drug abuse affects a person's life negatively, being wholly consumed with the need to continually intake drugs, along with the consequences of the impairment of mental and physical health. Desomorphine Aka krokodil, attracted attention in 2010 in Russia due to it's home-made production, severe side effects, and a cheaper alternative to heroin.
It is a highly addictive drug that quickly damages the nervous system, rotting the bone and skin from the inside out, first targeting the softer, thinner bones and tissue such as the jaw, fingers, and toes Positive Effects Home-made.
Cheap, over the counter ingredients.
The price is cheaper compared to other drugs, ranging from $2-5 a pack compared to $20-60 a pack. Negative Effects
increasing reluctance
frequent and sudden change of mood
stealing and loss of house valuables to make money for ingredients
extremely red and narrowed eyes
sleep disorders
extreme weight loss
Burning of clothes to extinguish the odor of iodine. Once made in a house, the house is then deemed uninhabitable. leading to severe tissue damage and reptilian like skin
depression, suicidal tendencies
transmitted diseases such as HIV, phlebitis gangrene, and hepatitis Leading to, in more severe cases, amputation(s) of the limbs, or around the injection site. Leading to the re-use of the drug to escape the emotional and physical pain. Leading to death in 1-2 years. Signs of Use Due to its home-made process, it is highly impure and contaminated with various toxic and corrosive byproducts.
The drug's withdrawal lasts up to a month consisting of convulsions and unbearable pain, making the it highly addictive. Manufacture The clandestine manufacturing process is similar to that of methamphetamine
It's simple production utilizes codeine, iodine, gasoline, eye drops, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, lighter fluid and red phosphorus scraped from the striking pads on matchboxes. Penalties Besides the abuser's own penalties of using the drug, such as severely damaging their mental and physical wellness, currently, there are no penalties due to the Russian Embassy's lack of action.
Only banning the sales of pain killers, the black market is still thriving in Russia, rapidly selling pills, pharmaceutical drugs and substances such as krokodil.
Krokodil is not illegal in Russia as the ingredients themselves are not illegal.
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