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Salesforce Implementation

No description

Ann Kahraman

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce Implementation
Business Process
Sponsorship tracking and reporting
Prospect Management
Membership Application Process
Donor Profile
Training and
Change Management
Customized Training
based on profile and permission sets
Gamification via Chatter
Advanced training

Must export reports into Excel
rendering them obsolete
cannot drill down for detail
Zero customization
One-dimensional, monochrome
Closed Platform/Zero integration

Real-time reporting
User friendly
Open API for integration
In the Cloud
Scheduled reporting
Collaborative (Chatter)
Cost Effective, breakeven 24 months after implementation
Presented by Ann Kahraman
User Acceptance Testing
Does it meet the user requirements?
Did we succeed?
Business Intelligence
real-time information in one place
enhanced business decisions
Salesforce must integrate with other data sources
Cvent - event software
Online donations
Membership Program Management
Reporting Snapshots
Track the 'Sales' Process
Mobile accessibility
Sponsorship Tracking
Business Development Team was using personal excel spreadsheets.
Donations were only entered into the system when the money was received. This made it impossible to communicate projections to C-level.
The simple user interface empowered the Business Development Team to enter the Sponsorship status for real-time analysis.
Prospecting Pipeline
Through a series of meetings, we were able to decide which processes would remain and which would be re-designed.
Salesforce Implementation
Major Projects
Previously, there was one excel spreadsheet for everyone to update.
Maintain versions
Problems with deletion
One user at a time
No details
Cannot compare Y2Y
Created a record type called Prospect with customized opportunity stages.
Multiple users updating
Click-thru to see the prospect details
Click thru to see the account details
Dynamic formulas that recalculate instantly
At-a-glance viewing
Membership Application Process
The Membership Manager would send a Word document via email to prospective applicants.
She would then process it, make her decision, and send the applicant instructions on how to pay for membership.
All progress was tracked by hand; nothing entered into the database.
*This project was initiated after it was revealed in a meeting that the Manager was tracking this all manually in her computer.
All applicant info flows directly into Salesforce and Membership analysis is done within Salesforce.
Quickly realized it worked best from the top down
Kick the spreadsheet habit
Meeting Notes - follow-up tasks, reminders
Capturing more personalized information on each Contact

Phase 2 Implementations
Financial Software implementation
Higher Level Channel Analytics
Data.com, Wealth Engine, Know Who
Newest and latest Contact information
Dynamic reporting
enables the team to
click-thru and see details
Change Management Strategy
Monitor adoption rates and continue to incentivize.
Identify test users
Meet with and train to the test case
Documenting defects / resolving issues
Launch to the greater population
The Business Development Manager can easily see all the details about the Account and the open opportunities in order to adjust their engagement.
source: www.milkeninstitute.org
All data is in once place for analysis
Connectivity within the organization has increased tremendously.
110 active users (compared to 5 in previous CRM)
Behaviors have changed entirely from top down
Spreadsheet habit is subsiding
Management is learning to check dashboards
Meeting info incorporated into marketing mix
Reporting has become self-service
Automated and Streamlined business processes
Business Case
The non-profit client needed a CRM solution to track their fund-raising activities (MCM).
Event attendance
Direct Mail
Goal: Better Business Intelligence
Prior Software: Raiser's Edge
Donor Profile
1-Click to get a sense of the overall engagement of the Contact with the organization
This helps in finding new ways to engage with the Contact
Who they have relationships with
Who they work for
What events they have attended
How much they have given in the past
Propensity to give in the future
Who is our donor?
Relationship viewer- for event table seating, and new opportunities
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