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Feng Shui

ICS 262 Group Project

Daniel LeBaron

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Feng Shui

Amber Cantu, Jacob Everts,
Daniel LeBaron, Megan Smee Feng Shui What is
Feng Shui? -Guo Pu's: The Book of Burial, AD 4th or 5th-century work
-Burying of the dead was VERY important
-Could not escape forces of nature even after death Man’s relationship to Man Man’s relationship to Nature Feng Shui in
the West New Land Ethic
1960's Environmental movement
new interest in Eastern cultures Modern Asia *Landscapes

*Hong Kong Any Questions? Jingshan Park, Beijing America Sarah Rossbach Stephen Skinner
*“that which fills the body,” *“strong moving power,” *“psycho-physiological power associated with blood and breath.” Feng Shui is about Harmony *Taoist wu-wei
*Heaven, earth, humanity
*Hard for Westerners to grasp Originally a SECRET!
Good Feng Shui would allow the tombs to be unaffected by wind and water (typhoons and floods).
- Environmental and Symbolic power helped decide site location for villages and tombs - I Ching: Book of changes 64 Hexagrams Chi’i: Integrate. Don’t dominate. Tarama, Japan
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