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Come to Maryland! by Garrett, Ishani,and Alex R.

all about maryland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Flanagan

on 11 December 2016

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Transcript of Come to Maryland! by Garrett, Ishani,and Alex R.

Come to Maryland!
By, Garrett, Ishani, and Alex R.
Founder of Maryland!
The Maryland colony was found on 1633 by a man named George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and other colonists, at Baltimore.
The people of Maryland's religion was Catholics.
Because of protests, Calvert let Christians also freely worship

Alex. R
King Charles I of England specified that the name for the new colony was to be called Maryland in honor of his wife Queen Henrietta Maria.
Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed!
It is a good combination between mountains, hills, and flat low area.
It is a southern colony.
it has a warm climate that helps the whole colony survive.
Rivers flow from the eastern to western shores of the colony
there are lots of trees and it becomes hot in the summers
The geography of Maryland is important to that way the people live.
Crops were traded for things they didn't have
They grew tobacco, cotton, rice, sugar, indigo, and other crops.
They developed the plantations exported tobacco,corn, vegetables, grains, fruit and livestock.
They had many slaves working in the fields growing tobacco and other crops.
Fun Fact!
Once tobacco was used as currency or the people of Maryland used it as money!
Sixth Colony
Maryland is the sixth colony found out of the thirteen colonies!!!
Interesting Facts
Maryland's major crop is tobacco.
The Maryland colonys original name was province of Maryland.
In 1776 Maryland colony signed a declaration of independence. Marylands signers included Samuel Chase, William Paca, Charles Carrel, and Thoamas Stone.
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