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The Importance of Good Nutrition

No description

Derrick Lambert

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Good Nutrition

Hunger and Nutrition in Vermont:
A Hidden Key to Success in Early Childhood

Hunger and Malnutrition
What causes hunger in Vermont?
What effect does that have on children, families, and the community?
What are the solutions? What can we do? What can others do?
What Can We do?
Hunger and Nutrition in Vermont: A Hidden Key to the Success of our Children
- Promotes Optimal Growth
- Important for Learning Concentration
- Prevention of Obesity
- Enhances Brain Development
- Eating Habits for Life
Why is this important in childcare?
Learning Objectives:

- Identify the importance of quality nutrition for young children - key nutrients for healthy development

- Discuss the causes, effects, and risks of hunger and malnutrition for young children in Vermont

- Evaluate our programs and identify what we can do to address hunger in Vermont
What does adequate nutrition mean!?
Why is adequate nutrition important?
- Getting the right and enough nutrients at each stage of life

- Healthy Relationship with Food and Eating
- Pleasant mealtimes and Family Style meals
- Picky eating/Division of responsibility

It doesn't stop with food!
Food Resources and Meal Programs
Help spread the word!
Hunger Free Vermont Learning Kitchen Program and curriculum http://www.hungerfreevt.org/component/content/article/141
Choosemyplate.gov (videos, ten tips, info)
Discover My Plate - http://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/discover-myplate
Healthy Recipes for Childcare
More Than Mudpies
CACFP Wellness Handbook
Wellness Policy and Self Evaluation

Understanding the Cycle of Poverty and Hunger
Hunger causes, effects, and solutions brainstorm
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