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Best place to travel to

About "L'Ile des Pins" (the Island of Pine trees

Sofia Pinto

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Best place to travel to

Best place to travel to Went there for my tenth birthday in 2007. Small Island in Pacific called
New-Caledonia. My grandmother lives there.
My mum comes from there. Stayed there for a week or two.
I lived in Portugal at that time, and
so the trip was very long. The trip consisted of many flights:
Portugal to France, France to
Singapore,Singapore to Australia and,
finally, Australia to New-Caledonia. I did many activities I would
never have done in Europe. I went to swim in different
rivers with my grandmother. Of all the places I went to my favourite was "L'Ile des Pins". (meaning)
First time I saw white sand
and very clear water. Went
there with my parents, brothers
and grandmother. If you're wondering where
to go on your next holiday,
you could try New-Caledonia.
"L'Ile des Pins" has the
most beautifull beach
I have ever been to so far.
By Sofia Went to visit a tiny Island called "L'Ilot Canard" (Meaning). It's a natural reserve, with beatifull reef and lots of different fish used to humans. The island is nicknamed:
"The Island closest to Paradise" Would you like to find out why? Gallery
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