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Outlining: Starting From the End

No description

Renee Allen

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of Outlining: Starting From the End

Learning Goals & Objectives
Identify the relationship between an "A" law school exam answer and a good, course outline
Identify and articulate the framework of a substantive course using a casebook, syllabus, and table of contents
Use and create electronic study aids
Electronic Study Aids
Course Outlines
Course Outlines
A course outline is a
compilation of the essentials of a course that includes rules from your lecture notes, annotated case briefs, hypothetical problems and information from other sources.
Outlining: Starting From the End
Thank you!
Outlines Include
Step #1: Create the Framework
Step #3: Insert Relevant Cases
Step #5: Insert
Step #4: Insert
Relevant Policy
Consider rationale for rules in light of the following factors:
History of the law
Who law was intended to protect
Impact of the law on society
Relevant social, political, economic or government concerns
Arguments or policies addressed by your professor
Worst Study Group (Revisited)

Gather essentials
1. Case book
2. Syllabus
3. Class & study notes
4. Revised case briefs
5. Supplemental material
Step #2: Insert Rules
Revise & review case briefs
Determine what general rule (or element) each case illustrates
Include a
case summary to explain how each rule is applied
Include a few relevant facts from the cases to help you explain the application
Note facts that trigger application of each general rule (or element)

Synthesize the rules from cases into a general rule statements
List each rule in your outline
Deconstruct each rule into elements
Include all exceptions to the general rule
Review each hypo discussed in class and include hypos that further illustrate rule application and analysis. Recognize and record how the rule or outcome may differ based on a new set of facts.

Update outline at close of each substantive unit
Create a TOC
Check for mistakes
Condense outlines over time
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