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Planet Dubbele

No description

Ethan Bobbobbob

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Planet Dubbele

What is Dubbele?
Dubbele is a planet where everything has the same properties as Earth except the axis and amount of day hours.Like earth, we have 1 moon, Pecha Kucha Go! On Dubbele, days are 48 hours long. School days are 14 hours long. A year on Dubbele is 80 earth days long. Dubbele spins ssssllllooowwww!
Dubbele's School program
Dubbele's school program,(DSP) is great for the kids & for the parents! Long school day & short school year!
Jobs have a longer work week than those on Earth. Because of the 48 hour days, a typical office job will run 16 hours, and pay 30 dollars per hour, while on Earth the payment and hours are, 8 hours and 15 dollars per hour. You get double the money per day! Our personal offices (below) are designed for your comfort!
The seasons

Do you like a mild winter? Or maybe a warm summer is more you! Either way, we got it!
"A little faster please?"
Welcome to Dubbele
Ewoks live on
Dubbele's moon, Pecha Koocha Go!
The weather in Dubbele is like earth but less extreme changes. There are less thunderstorms and less hurricanes making it safer than earth. The seasons are more gradual instead of massive changes.

Dubbele's seasons are more mild than earth because the axis tilt is smaller! (want more info? Go to slide 7!)
Love Ewoks? we have a Ewok resort hosted by the Ewoks themselves!
Made by three awesome dudes: Ethan, William and Jack
Dubbele is safer than earth and
quite affordable for 4 light years
away! It has Ewoks and is all
independent and countries don't
fight with each other.

Planet Dubbele
Why Come to Dubbele
"Where am I?"
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