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Eye Implant

No description

Justin Salazar

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Eye Implant

Eye Displays What could it do? IT would work something like a HUD (Heads Up Display) that are used in many aircraft's and vehicles. A HUD is a transparent screen that shows data without requiring the user to look away. HUD in F/A-18C HUD in BMW E60 It can show useful things corresponding
to the actions you are doing. One example is a GPS will
appear at the corner of your eye
when you're about drive. It will also show any important information like speed,direction, elevation and maybe the car's
condition. HISTORY How would this work? A possibility of this idea coming true is a contact lens that can show images directly to your eye. This piece of invention was invented in 2050 by Dr. Daxigofhlik. It originated in Moscow, Russia and quickly got popular in 2049. Dr. Daxigofhlik got some help from his fellow optometrist to make this invention successful. The team worked on this for quite some time (around 2 years). It was later then improved by Dr. Daxigofhlik's son which got more popular in 2050. How would this affect daily lives?
Daily tasks would be much easier
Driving would be safer
Would make the need for screens on
phones unimportant
More organization
One step closer to becoming a cyborg
Military uses An alternate method would be a camera that would be surgically placed in your eye socket, but a contact lens would obviously be the more ideal plan. The device would be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. You could see incoming calls without looking away from the road, read texts, or see reminders and notifications. It could also place waypoints straight on your current view. It could recognize buildings or locations and display information about them when you request it by voice command. Map System in GTA (videogame) Imagine if you could see this in the corner of your vision? What if you're in the grocery store. You want to buy some peanut butter, but you don't know whats the better brand or the best place to buy. You could just look at it, ask the computer to scan it, and it could bring up prices, compare it, and show reviews about it. The lens would connect to a small computer in your pocket (such as a smartphone) via some sort of pairing software (such as Bluetooth)
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