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Should school days be shorter?

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sutton williams

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Should school days be shorter?

Public schools should have shorter school days because it is causing them to do bad in school. For example this article states “Students are too tired in the morning to pay attention, they can’t concentrate, they aren’t participating in class, and they are getting very bad grades” (Schiller 1).
Another benefit from having school days being shorter would be it would cause students to skip school and cut class less.
Another reason would be with how long school days are kids and losing time to spend with their family. This quote explains what parents thinks about how long school days “Parents are concerned about having time for outside school activities and family time” (Levine 1).
Students will learn the same amount of information in a shorter class because kids would be more interested.

Shorter school days also causes kids to be more interested in class
By:Sutton Williams
School days should be shorter
Work Cited
Do you think the hours in a school should be shorter? Schools need to be shorten the time during school days because it can affect students live a lot in the future. All school should have shorter school days because kids are losing time to spend with their family and kids are getting tired with how long the days are causing them to do bad in school. Another reason it should be shorter because it would cause kids not to cut class as much and it is causing them to be less interested in school.
There are some downsides to having shorter school days. Like kids would have more free time to be lazy and watch TV or sleep which would not help the get a job or help them later in life.
All schools should have shorter school days. School should have shorter school days because it would cause kids to do better in school, cut class less, have more family time, and causes them to be more interested.







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