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The Road by Cormac McCarthy

No description

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Who's in the book?
What are some symbols/motifs?
The Man
The Man's Wife
The Boy
Travels with his son
He believes he was sent from God to protect the boy
Doesn't want to help anyone but his son
The Thief
Didn't want to survive
Committed suicide (didn't say how)
Didn't say goodbye to son
Ignored her husband's pleadings.
Born into apocalypse
Believes him/ his dad are good guys
Trusts and wants to help out any strangers
The Thugs/Bad People
The Veteran
and his family
One of the bad people
Second people the Man and boy encounter
Intimidate them into hiding
Came with the people from the truck
Intimidates the man and boy
Creates a big conflict with the man and boy

Carrying the Fire: Goodness, and not resulting to cannibalism, rape and murder
The boy: Good child with a pure heart
Ely: Wise elder
The road: A new beginning, or an adventure to a new life.
Ocean: Lack of hope, because they were hoping it'd be blue, but it turned out to be gray
Dreams: A sense of being alive or close to death. Good dreams= close to death. Bad Dreams= still alive
The Road/Train/and Street: Decisions of paths of life
The burnt Man
First person they encounter
He was struck by lightening
The people in the Cellar
People kept for food
These people naked and really skinny
Old man they find on the road
Lies for his own protection
Arrow man and women

Hide in a house
Arrow man shoots the man in the leg
Takes everything from the man and boy, and leaves tracks
The man and boy follow his tracks and catch him
“I’m going to leave you the way you left us” (217) (The man said to the thief)
Followed the man and the boy throughout the book
Invites the boy to go on with them
The family is: the veteran, his wife, son and daughter
What happens?
First Part: Main Events
Second Part Main Events
Third Part Main Events
Camp and the man makes his son hot coco
Camp through a lightening storm
Find footsteps and see the burnt man
On a high way the man throws away his wallet and leaves his wife's picture on the road
He later regrets leaving the picture
Boy admits he wishes he was with his mom
Dream: The man tries to convince his wife not to commit suicide, yet she fights back with her view
Man hears a diesel truck, and they run and hide in the woods
A gang member goes into the woods to go pee
The man and boy face their first kill
Go to a house and on the way they hear a dog, and at the house the boy sees another boy
Narrator: Third Person Point of view
Setting: Destroyed, burnt, and gray because of an unknown event. Corpses are everywhere, and little food.
Main Goal of Characters: Wake up, Eat, Sleep, Survive. Get to the ocean.
Main Conflict: Dreams, Other People, Little Resources.
Genre: Fiction, Apocalyptic
The movie Trailer:
Find a wagon to replace the cart
Go five days with no food and little sleep
Find a big well kept house, with many supplies
They find a cellar, and open it
Come up and see 4 men and 2 women.They hide escape, and hide again.
Boy assures they'll never eat a human being
They find a shed and a bunker hidden under the grass
Go out, find a cart and collect what they need and leave
Find an old man that calls himself Ely
Camp and see 3 men and 1 pregnant woman. Later they find their camp with a gutted infant.
They finally reach the ocean, that isn't blue
The man finds a boat called
Pajaro de Esperanza,
and collects supplies
The man coughs up blood, and he gets sicker and sicker
Go back to camp and finds everything gone, and sees tracks
Follow the tracks to the thief
They get their stuff back and go to a town
An arrow man shoots the man in the leg
The man dreams of "human love, the songs of birds, the sun" (229)
The man's cough gets worse and he refuses to eat and go on
He begs his son to go on. They sleep and then the man is dead
The boy stays with his dead body for 3 days then goes on
He sees a man with a shotgun
He talks to him and eventually goes with him
The boys last words to his dad's dead body " 'I'll talk to you every day, 'he whispered. 'And I wont forget. No matter what.' " (241)
The boy goes with the veterans family and talks to his dad everyday
Good or Bad, perseverance can get you through anything
The man shows this through his love of the boy, and their journey. That as long as they keep hope and believe they can survive, they will and can. Though the man dies, he leaves his son in a good spot and with hope.

Parental Love is unstoppable
"The boy was all that stood between him and death" (25)
This shows the man was only motivated to live because he wanted his son to live. He knew he was going to die, but he wanted his son to be prepared for life on his own, and to protect him from all the "bad guys" and the bad things that would burn out his fire.

Yes! This book was fun to read, and it had good imagery. It also kept me guessing, and wanting to keep reading.
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