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Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) and Atrial Nutriuretic Factor (ANF)

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Lia Melis

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) and Atrial Nutriuretic Factor (ANF)

Antidiuretic Hormone and Atrial Nutriuretic Factor

Where do we begin?
One might ask, where in the world does this hormone live? Does it have a job? Does it get six-figures a year? What kind of car does it have? WHAT'S ITS FAVORITE COLOR??? Well sucks for you, but this is a hormone, not your best friend. Get over it. Now.
What does it target?
ADH may not be James Bond who targets, (ahem, everyone) and then kills them, but it does have a target organ. And that is... (drum roll please...) the kidney!
But what does it do?
ADH promotes water reabsorbtion by the kidney (thus reducing the excretion of urine) and it also constricts blood vessels which raises blood pressure.
Does it control anything or is it powerless?
It controls two major things:
~ Water
~ Blood Pressure
No I didn't.
ANYWAYS, the Factor (known as ANF) comes from the right atrium of the heart and heads to the kidney where it does its work. But it has a different job than ADH. It still controls water and blood pressure but in a different way...
ADH is made by nerve cells! Weird because we usually do not think of neurons creating things (besides neurotransmitters). And ADH is also called Vasopressin. And it can also induce male aggression.
But where does it come from?
The Anti diuretic Hormone (ADH) is created in the posterior pituitary gland, which is where it is also released from.
Which of the complicated words is it.
ADH is Antagonistic!
Why? Well ADH wants to keep water and raise blood pressure while ANF wants to excrete water and regulate blood pressure.
Ah HA! You missed the Atrial Nutriuretic Factor!
ANF stimulates the excretion of Na and H2O in the kidney. It also regulates blood pressure. In other words, ANF does the opposite thing that ADH does. So thus...
ADH and ANF are
animal hormones
because they have
to do with the kidney
and plants do not have
Adrenal glands, how alcohol affects it...
Alcohol destroys this delicate balance of the ions and water in the body by altering the filtering ability of the kidneys.
Basically, alcohol inhibits ADH and makes more water travel to the bladder which dehydrates the kidney.
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