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Interview Target and USAA

No description

Sandy zureik

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Interview Target and USAA

Interviews with Target and USAA
Evaluation of Human Resources Department in 2 organizations
Ten Questions for each Human Resources department in Target and USAA
Pre-Employment Test
Target = Retail USAA = Service
Target and USAA are Two different companies with the same goal = excellent service by keeping their employees satisfaction and happiness
Visit Target and USAA
Analyze and carefully consider Human Resources department
Learn the current trend of Human Resources department in different organizations
Similarities and Differences
Target HR manager
USAA HR manager
L. Maloney
A. Bohannon
Analyze Human Resources Mangers' behaviors
List of Questions
1. What is the company's Mission Statement?
2. What is the company's Diversity Plan?
3. Does the company do tests before hiring its employees? What type of tests?
4. What is the policy and procedures for Sexual Harassment?
5. Does the company do background checks?
6. How is the Command Chain within the company?
7. Did your company ever face Discrimination Allegation?
8. What do you see in an employee for promoting him/her?
9. How much do you put for orienting employees?
10. Recently, in your opinion, what is the biggest challenge with HR in your company and in general?
Importance for Diversity Plan
Sexual Harassment Policy
Background Checks
New Employee Orientation
Product / Service Diversity
Mission Statement
Tests to Select Employees
Employees Promotion
create an engaging shopping experience and exceed its guests’ needs
Do more with less
Fewer workers + Fewer resources = More efficient
Focuses on serving its military customers
Top security and confidentiality
Well-structured HR department
Careful and specific selections of employees
Military workforce
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