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Sea Life

Portuguese Man-of-War

Cody Jaworski

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Sea Life

The Portuguese Man-of-War has it's own class, Siphonophora
It is less than a pound
It is actually many different animals called polyps
No one knows how it reproduces, because it happens in the middle of the sea
It's translucent and is purple, pink, or blue
It only lives 3-5 months
It's scientific name is Physalia physalis It lives in every ocean but the Arctic and Antarctic
They float at the surface at 22*F
It lives with whales, dolphins, and turtles, but the stay away because of it's stingers The Portuguese Man-of-War cannot think
So, it just sits there and waits for some thing to drift by
When something does drift by, it's stingers paralyze it where it sinks to the bottom The Man-of-War has almost nothing eating it, but it eats almost everything
The sea turtle's shell is impervious to the stings and the Nomeus gronvii moves too fast to be touched
If anything else goes for it, the nematocysts release a toxin, sending it to the depths, or to get eaten. They are a threat to humans, but humans also eat them
Because they have few predators, they will have a bright and long future
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