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Vampire Timeline

No description

Ela Mor

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Vampire Timeline

What a vampire is? A creature that feeds from
the life essence of other living
things (usually blood) in order
to stay vital. Vlad Tepes Elizabeth Báthory Real
Facts Vampire Timeline Dayana Jimenez Giraldo Literature Films Lilith John Haigh Legend about 1976 1985 1988 1992 1995 1998 2000 2001 2002 2003 1897 1872 • According to Hebrew literature,
Lilith was Adan's first wife. •She traveled the world and
found the knowledge, freedom
and power that allowed her
to be equal to its Creator. •She left the paradise and refuge in a cave
on the coast of the Red Sea. •Was called Mother of Demons, by accepting
the demons of the world as lovers, and give
birth many thousands of demon children. •Posthumously dubbed Vlad the Impaler. •The name of the vampire Count
Dracula in Bram Stoker's
1897 novel Dracula
was inspired by
Vlad's. •Vlad hated more than
anything, theft, lying, adultery,
and didn't forgive anyone for
their rank, indeed, the higher
the rank of the traitor, was harder
punishment. •Amputation of limbs,
nose and ears, eyes
removing hooks, the
strangling, the bonfire,
castration, skinning,
exposure to wild animals,
the grill and the slow
destruction of breasts
and genitals , especially
women. •Her mothership advise
bathing in damsel blood,
would keep her young
and beautiful. •Bathory went away in his chariot, looking
for damsels that once in the castle, were chained
and stabbed by an executioner, a servant or
herself, while victims bled and filled
her bathtub. •At the end of the bloodbath, she
ordered her servants to lick her
skin in order to prevent coarse
fibers of the towel disturb the
'treatment'. •Báthory sadistic crimes had lasted
about ten years. •When he belonged to the church
choir, he spent hours looking at a
bleeding Christ dying on the cross. •He drank the
blood of his
victims and
dissolved the
bodies in sulfuric
acid which then
threw to the
pipe. •Known as The
acid bath murder. •I was ten. I was wounded
in the hand with a hairbrush,
with metallic hairs. I licked
the blood flowing, and
mixed something in
my whole being.
That thing viscose,
warm and salty that I was
sipping from the skin deep was life itself. It
was a revelation that obsessed me for years. The coincidence,
then, it makes me back through centuries of civilization, a fabulous time
in which people were used to get power from human blood. I
discovered that I belonged to the race of vampires. Why?
Why just me? I could not explain it. I can only tell
what I felt. •One of the first vampire stories
to be written, forerunner of
many successful literary works. •Laura's life takes a turn when, in front
of the castle where they lived, a carriage
has an accident and the lady and her
daughter who were traveling on it,
they settled in the castle until
they could resume the trip. •Should also be noted that the subtle influence
of erotic content, which is related to vampires,
is about lesbianism. Sheridan Le Fanu took that
topic, a taboo for the time, but he knew how to
raise it so that the reader of the time was closer
to it. •Le Fanu was based on the
legendary true story of the
beautiful Elizabeth Báthory
to create the beautiful
Carmilla. •The novel consists
in a series of documents,
mostly diaries of the characters.
But nonetheless, do not omit the
opinions, feelings
and sentiments of
their respective
authors. •It all begins when Jonathan Harker
must travel to Transylvania to visit
Count Dracula to close sales with him,
becoming a guest there, and after a
few days he realizes his strange manners,
leaving him hostage in the castle of the
Count, which is a mean and
ruthless being. •Presents topics
such as the role
of women in the
Victorian era,
sexuality, immigration
and colonialism. •One of the conditions
to be chosen as a vampire is usually their physical beauty,
which once they are given the "gift" is increased by it. •Are affected a lot by sunlight,
the younger the greater the
effect on them. •Although becoming vampires, bloodlust
don't force them to kill. They have the ability to feed on animals,
but always be living blood. •Will remain undisturbed by the passage
of eternity, will heal any injury. •They cry blood, similarly, when they
sweat also bleed from their pores. •Nosferatu, eine Symphonie
des Grauens was the original title
of this silent film that stood the
vampire in the film industry. •As the
first vampire
movie, it is evident
that this being is more a
monster than anything
else, and the fact to
be an undead and
sleep in a coffin,
looks less dynamic,
almost as stiff.
Likewise gestures
show a less
romantic and
sensual face
expression, which
we as viewers focus more
on the story that the
eroticism of the
vampire. •Based on the novel by
Bram Stoker. •Before becoming a vampire,
Count Dracula was Prince
Vlad, who upon hearing the
death of his beloved sold his
soul to the devil. Thus
time passed until four
centuries later, in London,
finds Mina, the
reincarnation of his old love. Without
doubting will create an ambitious plan
to go in search and recover her. •The film received four Oscar nominations in
1992, for which won three: Best Costume
Design, Best Makeup and Best
Sound Editing. •The film focuses on Lestat
and Louis, beginning with
Louis' transformation into
a vampire by Lestat in 1791.
The film chronicles their time
together, and their turning
of a twelve-year-old girl,
Claudia, into a vampire.
The narrative is framed by
a present day interview, in
which Louis tells his story
to a San Francisco reporter. •The film
received Oscar
nominations for
Best Art Direction and
Best Original Score. •Vampire Hunter D is a manga created by
Hideyuki Kikuchi, which is not considered a
manga itself, but rather a graphic
novel. •Located in the far future novels tell
the adventures of D, a
damphir (half human and
half vampire being), a quiet
and serious man who wears a
black armor, hat and sword. In
his left hand lives a parasite which
tells him what he need to do at
certain points and eats his enemies. •The manga
tells the efforts of the
mysterious and secret Royal
Order of Protestant Knights, "Hellsing" and their
battles against vampires, ghouls and other
supernatural enemies who threaten the kingdom
of Great Britain. •He typically dresses in a distinctive Victorian and
western fashion, with a charcoal suit, leather riding
boots, a red cravat, and a long red coat. He also
wears a red fedora with a wide, floppy brim and a
pair of circular, wire-framed sunglasses which
he uses to cover his long black shaggy hair.
However, this form seems to be a part of his
being as he can change it at will.
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