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Teen 2.0

Turn your teen services into Teen 2.0 by using Skype and Second Life.

Amanda Giannini

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Teen 2.0

Double click anywhere & add an idea 2 0 T E E N The Teen Box turn teen services into Teen 2.0 by turning it on its head it's time to go outside the box Skype visit with Seth Grahame-Smith Author of
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies "With Skype, we were able to see the author, she could see us, we saw her office where she writes (and her cats and dogs, which the teens loved!) and the various covers her novels have had over the world. We had a larger audience too, because the teens felt they were actually meeting the author face to face. " Sarah Thompson, YA Librarian The Library Center Benefits cost effective programs
easy to use
use the resources you already have access to Credits Using Skype and Second Life with Teens project
by Amanda Giannini

Creative Commons Images:
aparatos... by Flickr usr amanky
Facebook by Flickr user CoreyHarris
Felicia Day's Second Life Avatar by Flickr user Mitch Wagner
gmaillogo by Flickr user googlisti
happy finishe Cute-tip Qtips by Flickr user Sappymoosetree
logo of YouTube by Flickr user topgold
Myspace-80x15 by Flickr user ddzoomdotnet
Second Life Logo by Flickr user atmasphere
Skype_logo by Flickr user myayocom
zanzibar02 by Flickr user ALA staff

YouTube Video:
Books & Bars - Seth Grahame-Smith on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies used with permission by Mustache Robots

so what's new? try but what can it do? chat messaging Video Conferencing File Transfer Recording Skype is a Voice Over IP telephone service that is free to make computer to computer calls. Teens use Skype to chat and Video conference their friends at home Bring Skype into the library
to connect teens to other libraries or bring in guest speakers! but wait there's more! Welcome to Second Life it may look like a video game but it is so much more! Authors are using Second Life to reach out and connect with readers They are holding book chats and talks So get connected embrace Teen 2.0 and join me... outside the box! teens love the personal feel
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