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Air France

No description

Marvin Ramirez Jnr

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Air France

Another Marvin Ramirez Jnr production

Air France's Aviation crashes...
Air France's fleet
Today i will be taking you on an adventure on air France. Right now you are probably wondering what Air France is, well to answer that i tell you that air France is an airline which is very prestigious with several things like their famous fleet of planes especially Concorde, also about their share of crashes in the aviation history and last is the fact that they are Frances international and domestic airline and everyone loves France so that is why it is so famous.
Air France today
Weather your in Economy class, business class, first class, or suites air France will always impress you i mean more in the upper classes but the economy is reasonably good because they serve good food and seats are comfy, but in business and first you feel like you are special. Here take a look at some of these pictures.
Sitting in an air France jet
To this current day Air France still thrives in all ways, the companies fleet now consists of Airbus A319's, A320's, A321's, A318's, A330's,A340's, A380's, Boeng 777's and2 more 777 freighters. Today Air France rates are quite costly like other airlines and is a huge company, as all those planes are used for different situations flights range from short hauls to long hauls like flights to America, Australia and Aisa.
No flight is perfect without some food, and on Air France weather your in economy, First or business class your tummy is guaranteed to be happy with meals ranging from salads to cheese to garlic prawns its all there and some of Frances most iconic chefs cook the food making it an unforgettable experienc0e.
On board food
The thank you page
Thank you for listening
Photo gallery
Air France

But in the end Air France is
a fantastic airline which has won many awards and has set the standard for a good airline.

(images via prezi and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France)
Air france 447
Air france 4590
Air France 8969
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