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Do's and Don'ts about Prezi

Unit 2 online course UMA

Inmaculada Pineda

on 23 September 2018

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Transcript of Do's and Don'ts about Prezi

6) This is not a book club 1) don't start a prezi without an outline http://appitive.com/slidershare/2011/12/18/10-donts-your-presentation-can-do-without/ 7 don'ts your Prezi can do without Dos and Dont's about Prezi Inmaculada Pineda
Universidad de Malaga 2) don't zoom excessively 3) don't rotate excessively 4) don't forget your path! 5) Avoid information overload 7) Don't forget to cite your sources (even for images or video) You can do it in a piece of paper, and list the most important ideas that you want to cover, the order they will follow, and the media that you are going to associate with them (videos, images, etc) If you do, you risk using too much time to put your ideas together, and you also may end up having a cluttered or unconnected prezi http://blog.vihotel.net/como-sobrevivir-en-el-sector-turistico/success/ Basic rules to suceed with Prezi 7 1. Have an outline! What looks cool on your computer might make your audience dizzy when projecting on a larger screen something like this Words that or images move around on screen with no real purpose will distract your audience from what you have to say http://www.stuckincustoms.com/category/travel/france/versailles/ Your path is the essential tool that you need in Prezi to lead your audience from here... ...to here http://www.copy2contact.com/blog/627/avoid-information-overload-the-4-hour-workweek-way ...or your audience will feel like this When you have too much information and too many sentences on screen audiences get distracted. Also the more text you include per screen the smaller it will be because it needs to fit in the same amount of pixels. One good way to avoid this is to stick to the seven by seven rule: use maximum seven lines per screen and each line must contain a maximum of seven words. So obviously this particular piece of text is blatantly and excessively lengthy and tedious.
This is a presentation, not a karaoke, you do not need to include on screen every word you are going to mention. A good trick is to include the URL of the webpage where you obtained the image or video as I did in this prezi References I was inspired by http://prezi.com/x7gjmhdpi52t/some-bad-prezis/ http://hellboundbloggers.com/2011/02/03/10-donts-your-presentation-can-do-without/ 2. Pick a clear color combination Too many colors or font colors that do not read well with your background will make your prezi confusing and uninteresting 3. Include relevant images, videos or animations These are irrelevant! 4. Consider your font size it's not the same to read on your computer screen than to read from a large screen from the 20th row http://cnx.org/content/m42905/latest/?collection=col11407/latest 5. Group your ideas in frames This is clearly too small for them 6. use templates or reusable prezis 7. Practice, practice, practice!!! http://www.seomoz.org/blog/presentation-skills-for-seo and
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