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Rangers apprentice : Ruins of Gorlan

No description

Matthew Corso

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Rangers apprentice : Ruins of Gorlan

Rangers apprentice : Ruins of Gorlan
Halt catches Will in the attempt and decides to make him his apprentice for being able to move without being seen, an important Ranger skill.
event 5
Will arrives in the ruins of
Castle Gorlan
, the Kalkara's base, with Baron Arald and Sir Rodney. they find that Halt had almost killed a Kalkara, lost his bow, and was being hunted by the other one. They leave the ruins with both dead, and Halt in a leg splint.
event 6
Back at castle Redmont, Will is offered access to battleschool, but he declines. Instead, he is given a
bronze oak
leaf by Halt, the sign of a Rangers Apprentice.
end of book 1
Will, an orphan, dreams about becoming a knight. He gets rejected by the battle master of Redmont
'Sir Rodney'
event 1
Will sneaks into
Baron Arald's
office to see what's on a paper given to the baron by the Ranger Halt.
event 2
While at the annual Rangers meeting (the Gathering) Will and Halt learn that
, enemy of the kingdom, is planning something that may lead to war
event 3
Will and Halt (stil at the Gathering) learn about the 2 remaining
, terrible beasts in Morgarath's army, are on the hunt again.
event 4
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