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Kaori's Diagnosis

No description

Landen Rupp

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Kaori's Diagnosis

We have worked hard on finding a diagnosis on you, Kaori! Have fun because were about to go on a trip... up the mountain!
At first...
We have tried hard searching up different diagnosis types. We had a lot of diagnosis's and it took a long time! We had Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Dysphagia, and a lot more. We took some time into each Symptom. In the end, we had various diagnosis's, which one of them was correct! We will Get into to that in the next slide!
Then our teacher told us that your diagnosis was actually 2 combined! We found it easy! It is Diabetes! But it is a consequence of having Cystic Fibrosis! So, yup! We had it all right!
The Final answer
We figured out it was Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes! We were Surprised and Happy when we found the answer!
Climbing a mountain
We were getting ready to make a presentation, or should I say... THIS presentation
anyway... Lets GO up the mountain!!! quick before the storm comes!
You did it
Your Diagnosis



but the storms here :(
Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes has a lot of symptoms and we'll share a few with you
Poor weight gain and growth
Severe Constipation
But anyways,
Some systems have defects because of this sickness. The systems that are impacted are the Digestive System, Reproductive System, and the Respiratory system.
The reason why the Respiratory System is affected is because CFRD has a symptom which is having trouble breathing and wheezing because of mucus build up! A mouth full right!?
One treatment is to keep your blood sugar (Glucose) at a normal level
We compared our notes that we got from the Skype call to our research and it narrowed it down to one...
!!!Cystic Fibrosis!!!
We finally found it! Yes!!! We thought that it was Cystic Fibrosis!!! Cystic Fibrosis is a sickness that makes it hard to breathe and eat. Well get into that later though.
But then something happened,
so don't get too exited yet...
;( oh nooo
Increased Thirst
We've covered most of the basic ones
The reason it connects to the Digestive System is because he has trouble eating. If you have CFRD, you gag or refuse to eat. You also have severe constipation.
Another treatment is to take certain medications for a certain condition. Basically, medicine.
Breathing and swallowing Exercises
Bored? just try some extra jokes
just for fun
Why did the clown go to the doctor?

( We will tell you the answers )
why did the banana go to the doctor

There once was a patient, and a doctor. The patient said, "I'm feeling like a pair of curtains." What did the doctor reply back?
The answer is on the next slide
Answer: the Doctor said, "Pull yourself together"
Normally, these systems would function normally without CFRD. Like for an example, you wouldn't have wheezing, you would just breathe normally. All of the defects would become normal unless you had a different disease. The lungs would work just fine. We'll explain why this happens with the disease.
The reason this all helps
is because if you get your blood sugar to high, Hyperglycemia (hyper) steps in. Glucose helps your body function. If it gets to high, your body doesn't function well. The swallowing and breathing exercises help you swallow and breathe. It's like practicing! And the medicine, well, you know what that does!
We will have a diagram of the body next
Right here we have the lungs, a major part in the Respiratory System!
This System is
affected because
of CFRD! How you
ask? To the Right Lung!
It is affected because
mucus build up. It makes
it hard to breathe! This mainly happen in the trachea (windpipe). It also happens in the lungs like near the alveoli!
Next slide please...
The Digestive system is
affected because it is hard
to eat for patients who have CFRD. Anyway, to the symptoms.
Ok... now to the Symptoms

How the Reproductive
System applies to this
is because people can't
make more humans
because of a disorder
The Pancreas is also affected by
CRFD because the pancreas stops making insulin, which the pancrease also makes it harder to produce digestion juices!
THanks For Coming
By: Landen,
and Josef
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