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How I Met My Husband

By: Us!

Sarina Ortiz

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of How I Met My Husband

How I Met My Husband Alice Munro Canada: influenced by European culture:
role of women in house established
Civil Code: women were excluded from everything.
'Home is your place'
Women take part in War effort (WWII):
Labor force
After war:
ex-service men preferred in work force
Barriers to women were put back up
limited work opportunity
half the pay than a man
Women are once again their husband's subjects Cultural and Historical Background Curiosity and Female Sexuality Theme 3: Flat characters: -Alice Kelling, she's dramatic and from the city, "educated" (208)
- Chris Watters, he is a pilot who doesn't want to be tied down.
-Dr. and Mrs. Peebles, city people who want to live on a farm, but can afford luxury. Mrs. Peebles represents a higher class female.
These characters are also flat characters.
Round characters: Edie, she is a 15 year old girl and is the hired help for the Peebles. She was raised on a farm but becomes accustomed to the Peebles luxury. She is naive and falls in love with an older man, but in realizing he won't be hers, she marries someone else.
Edie is dynamic in that she goes from being naive to becoming mature (coming-of-age story) Character The author takes on a sympathetic tone towards Edie and her naive circumstances.
Munro is somewhat approving of Edie's actions
"...I like for people to think what pleases them and makes them happy" (214)
The author's tone is revealed through her youthful style and Edie's character.
"I believed in it coming just like I believed the sun would rise in the morning" (213) Tone and Style Theme 1: Irony "I wouldn't do you any harm for the world" (211)
Verbal irony: he is referring to their current situation in the tent, but he ends up actually hurting her in the future.
This can also be foreshadowing.
"'He said he might try Bayfield,' I said. What made me tell such a lie? I didn't intend it." (211)
Dramatic irony: Edie does this to misguide Alice, but she does not realize that she is also misguided. Theme 2: Class vs. Gender The Author: Alice Munro Munro was born in 1931
She was raised by a farm family in Canada
Attended University of Western Ontario
She never finished and dropped out of school
These characteristics of Munro's life are reflected in the character of Edie (Edie's parents are farmers and she dropped out of school)
"How I Met my Husband" is part of a larger collection of short stories in Munro's book
1974 "Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You" Significant similarities Mrs. Peebles vs. Edie
"Let's not stand here gawking like a set of farmers." - pg. 203
"The Peebleses drank..." - pg. 205
Farms and traditions exagerrated your status as a lower class being
Chris vs. Alice Hidden truths of reality Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You - 1974
"He always tells the children the story of how..." - pg. 214
Tent Scene
Suggestiveness in the statements - pg. 211
Reader should be questioning the reliablitity of the author at this point
Does Chris want to be with Alice?
Who do you think is telling the truth, Edie or Alice? OR High Class vs. Lower Class Edie's Innocence
Pg. 204 - "I loved being left alone..." Edie's Guiltiness
Fonding over Chris
Passes judgement freely
"Some people change..." - pg. 206
Sly about her observations.
She misleads the reader with her childlike charm.
Tent Alice: used to be a nurse but after the war she's chasing after Chris Mrs. Peebles: upper class housewife Edie's options:
domestic life
marriage Masculine role
Head-role Feminine role
Follows the man
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