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Sydnie Gabbard

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Mormons

Comparison of Worldviews
What is our nature?

What is our world?

What is our problem?

What is our destination?
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~ Youtube; South Park... (http://youtu.be/06jF1EG8o-Q)

Major Practices
Major Beliefs
How to Witness Effectively
Jake Cleveland, Sydnie Gabbard, Julie Greenleaf, Joshua Johnson, Duncan Lyle, Trey Ruble
Joseph Smith (1805-1844)

1820-Joseph Smith's "First Vision"
1823-Second Vision from Moroni
1827-Joseph obtained the Golden plates & began translation
April 6, 1830-church formally organized
Lehi and family
Christ visited these people in America
Mormon compiled these prophets' records
Joseph Smith dictates the text to become
The Book of Mormon
; published in 1830
Book of Mormon
4 Sacred Texts include:
The Bible (with Mormon annotations)
The Book of Mormon
The Doctrine and Covenants
The Pearl of Great Price
Brigham Young succeeded Joseph Smith after his death, as the second prophet and president of the Church.
The Church's other Apostles trace their priesthood authority back to Christ in a chain of ordinations through Joseph Smith.
What is our Problem?
~To the Mormon faith, the problem is sin. However, they do not believe that they have to pay for the original sin. According to them, there is no sin until the person turns 8. They believe that we are all born perfect, partly because they believe we are all literal children of God.
~ Once you turn 8, you sin. These range from drinking caffeine, all the way to murder.
~ You must repent of your sins by confessing them to a bishop or priest, or you cannot enter into the third heaven.

What is our End?
Mormonism is almost universalism.
We go one of four places:
1. Outer Darkness- If you convert from Mormonism or if in the afterlife you do not choose Mormonism, you go here.
2. Telestial Kingdom (1st Heaven)- If you are not a Mormon, or a so-so Mormon, you go here.
3. Terrestrial Kingdom (2nd Heaven)- If you live a good moral life and aren't a Mormon, or you are a Mormon but do not follow all of the rituals (Mission, marriage in the Temple), you go here.
4. Celestial Kingdom (3rd Heaven)- If you were a dedicated Mormon who was baptized, went on Mission, and married in the temple, you can come here. When you, you get your own planet and become a god.
Everyone gets a second chance in the afterlife.
South Park says it best...
Potential Obstacles
They may think they
are Christians

Family pressures

Fear of leaving

They themselves are mission-oriented
What is our Nature?
We have a pre-existence
Souls embodying human form
literal children of God, with the plan of salvation
essentially, the purpose of our life is to have our faith and obedience tested
if we become Mormon then we pass and receive the gift of starting our own spiritual family (become gods)
We are good beings who chose whether or not to be evil
or at least we are not inherently sinful from our human nature, but rather our pre-existence influences the circumstances of our life
the Book of Mormon affirms that wickedness and evil increws into human nature
Gen 1:26 "let us make man in our own image"
belief that we are actually the spirit children of God and his wife
multiple Gods over all of the worlds that have been inhabited, only one is worshiped
What is our world?
our world is the terrestrial existence
everything around us is sin and separation from God
the intent of our earthly home is to test us in faith and practice
the natural world is broken and sinful and we must not become like the nature of the world
we are here to rediscover our divine pre-existence, so everything in this world is part of a "road-map" to rediscovering our pre-existence
Not Immutable
Not Eternal
Not the Only God
Not Omnipotent or Omnipresent
Not of Virgin Birth
Brother of Lucifer
Attained Godhood
One of Many
Literal Sons and Daughters of God
Premortal Life
Aided in Creation
Actions in Pre-Existence Played Part in Determining Mortal Life
Sacred Texts
The Bible
Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants
Pearl of Great Price
Major Holidays
Pioneer Day
Temple Rituals
Church Service
70 Minutes
Partaking of the sacrament
Missionary Project
Based on Matthew 28:19
Serve 18 months to 2 years
Usually between age 19 and 21
Missionaries are not paid
They go where the church tells them
A mission is voluntary
Celestial marriage
Family sealing
So how can we reach them?
Ask them what they believe - ask questions

Ask them where in their scriptures their beliefs come from

If you read from the Bible, do so in context

Share God's love with them, and just be open to talk
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