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Animated GIF's

No description

Chaz Joseph

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Animated GIF's

Animated GIF's
GIF stands for graphics interchange format. GIFs are a group of frames that are linked together which makes it look like a short video. The frames are put into a loop so when the last frame is played, the GIF starts again from the first frame. GIF files are commonly found on the web and are normally used for advertisements.
GIF files can be small. By having a small GIF file, less space will be taken up when storing a hard disk.
Can be easy to make. Making GIF can be done quickly and learned easily. This makes it possible for anyone with a decent amount of experience on a computer to make a GIF.
GIFs can load quickly on web browsers. Because GIFs can load quickly, users will be able to load web pages normally without GIFs having a huge impact on the download speeds. Also if users are interested in GIFs, they would not have to wait for a long period of time for the GIF to load up.
Plug-ins are not needed for GIFs. Plug-ins are add-on software which provides a feature to a software application. Because they are not needed, users do not have to download anything else for them to view a GIF.
GIFs do not provide sound. Users cannot view GIFs with sound because there are not any sound made for GIFs.
It is difficult to change a GIF that has been made. Once a user has created a working GIF, they might struggle to edit the GIF because many things would have to be changed. If they do manage to edit the GIF, the animation can be deleted.
Complex animations for GIFs can be hard to make. Although GIFs can be learned easily can be made in just a couple minutes. Complex GIFs can be hard to make properly and it can be time consuming.
GIFs can become annoying. Even though GIFs can be fun to make and watch, some users find it annoying to see on web pages. Users may only want to see the content they came for on a web page so it can be annoying for them to keep seeing GIFs on the side of the web page.
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