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No description

Raelyn walker

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of 9/11

A few policeman that were killed in 9/11 and who wasn't
1.Officer Dominick Pezzulo
2.Officer Richard Guadagno
3.Captain Kathy Mazza
4.Officer Thomas Jurgens
Police Officers who Survived:
1.John McLoughlin
2.Janice Brooks
3.Dave Lim
who didn't die: Bill Butler, John Mcloughlin, and William Jimeno who died: Joseph Agnello , Gerald Baptiste, George Cain
Firefighters who died and survived
First plane hit the
North Tower.
Second plane hit the
South Tower
South Tower fell down
North Tower fell
A plane hit in a empty
Hit the pentagon
Few Workers who survived and died
1.Janice Brooks
2.George Sleigh
People who didn't survive:
1.Gordon McChannel Aamoth Jr.
2.Andrew Anthony Abate
The people who died on the plane
Gordon M. Amoth jr., Edelmiro Abad, Maria Rose Abad, Andrew Anthony Abate, Vincent Abate, Laurence Christopher Abel, William F. Abrahamson, Patrick Adams
The Hijackers
Mohamed Atta was the one who hit the North Tower, Hami Hanjour the pilot for the pentagon, Ziad Samir Jarrah polit of the one that hit the field, Marwan Al Shehhi pilot that hit the South Tower
The Towers got hit and fell
At 8:46 the first plane hit the North Tower and at 9:06 the second plane hit the south tower and at 9:59 the South Tower fell then thirty minutes later the north tower fell at 10:28
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