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Oliver's Wars Review


Lucas MacDonald

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Oliver's Wars Review

Lucas MacDonald Oliver's Wars Main Characters
Oliver- Main character 12 year-old boy
Jerry- Oliver's twin brother
Harry- Oliver's best friend
Gus- Bullies Oliver
Mr.Hennigar- Phys.ed teacher, who picks on Oliver
Grandpa- Who was always angry Setting
Halifax,NS-Oliver, his mom, and brother moved from Moose Jaw to Halifax to live with his grandparents while his dad served in the Gulf War. Conflict
Oliver vs. Himself- He is trying to deal with his dad being in the war. Oliver is scared his dad won't come back.
Oliver vs. Gus- Gus bullies Oliver and steals his report.
Oliver vs. Mr.Hennigar- He always puts Oliver down and never gives him a complement ever. Summarizing Quote
Oliver cried for:
-His father and his fears for him.
-His old friends and his new enemies.
-For a strange house in a strange land.
-The way the triumph of his project had turned into a terrible defeat.
-All the sad and unjust things in the whole world. My Book Rating:
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