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Good morning A205!

No description

Shira Carroll

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Good morning A205!

Science Agenda
1. Food-Producers Experiment Analysis
2. Read pg. 14-16 Where food comes from?
3. Mono Lake pg. 25-29
4. Analyze Mono Lake
5. Read about Biospheres pg. 8-13 (Answer questions on pg. 13)
LA Agenda
1. Review "Child Labor" Test
2. Secret Life of Ms. Carroll
3. Letters to 6th Graders
4. SSR/Sticky notes
5. Free Write
Good morning A205!
Today is a Wonderful Wednesday!

1. unpack
2. notes??
3. calendars out!
4. copy homework

Found in the form of sugar and starch

Sugar and starch are used for building materials and energy by the plants that make the food and by animals that eat the plants.
The Process in plants that produces food.

photo: light
synthesis: put together (remember from LA?)

In the presence of light, plants put carbon dioxide and water together to make food ---> carbohydrate
Energy in food comes from the Sun.

Carbon atoms from the carbon dioxide molecules are bonded together using the energy from sunlight.

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