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Fast Food Presentation

No description

Dominique Ehrl

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Fast Food Presentation

Manufactured Commodity
-Food looks like food that you can make in the kitchen, but is truly synthesized using chemicals and other unnatural products.

- Chicken is no longer chicken, beef is not from cows, and french fries are not potatoes.
Why eat it?
- Deep fried and over sized
- Cheap, easy and quick to eat.
- Going to McDonald's is fun. Eating a burger is like opening a gift, and you can open that gift while driving your car.
- You don't even need forks or knives.
It's easy, it's filling,
it's convenient & inexpensive.
Bon Appetite!
-Two out of three Americans are overweight.
- One in three are obese.
- One in three is expected to have diabetes by 2050
- A super meal at Burger King takes about 18 hours to burn off the 3600 calories in that one meal.

How did this happen?
What about the Kids?
-There is little education about food quality, especially in schools.
- Kids are being served foods with high saturated fat content and sugar.
- It starts with children to fight obesity.
Obesity in America
End the Fast Food Epidemic
Health Risks
- People are developing serious health problems from constant consumption of fast/processed foods.
- Diabetes and high blood pressure rates are exponential.
- Many of these types of hazards are irreversible.
- The government is knowingly selling our nation the worst food for the cheapest price at the cost of our health for their money.
What would you choose?
Everyone should choose the second photo; however, many will say that they cannot afford that, so they go with the burger. It is up to our government to reassess the cost of nutritional food for the sake of our people. And if people are still choosing photo #1 after that, then the next step is in education. Once that is in place, and Americans still choose the burger on a daily basis, then it is no one's fault but their own.
Is this what we stand for? Is this what we want to support?
Public School lunches
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It is time to think...
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